• February 2, 2015
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Quite adverse to what some say about the ‘Gonzo, I do not discriminate straightaway like some others I’m closer with, within the circle. One of them claimed he doesn’t wear a certain brand because he didn’t grow on trees. My comments are extreme and I too agree (somewhat) to that but not as extreme as not to admit I cannot afford a Rolex! Even I may, it won’t be for everyday wearing. That takes away about half the fun. Unless by then, I own a Jaguar XJ V6 too. Going blah, blah, blah and a whole lotta nonsense and looking down on a watch disdainfully simply because of an empty wallet is for them with no appreciation for the art.

However, my point was Invicta. Say Lady Luck shines on me suddenly and I buy both my car and my watch, this would be my back-up watch when I’m not going out in my Jag. My fascination for big, bulky watches shall obviously make that Rolex a Submariner. And the Invicta – the 7041. Sure it won’t have the Sub’s sapphire crystal, but I’ve heard (and read) the Flame-Fusion crystal (proprietary glass technology from Invicta).is great! Plus, it also seems there are some esthetic hints from the Omega Seamaster and the Monster.However, the best thing is Seiko filled in this time with their NH36A movement.

The 24 jewel, automatic (with manual wind and seconds hacking) has some pretty good things to talk about. The case is also equally rugged and dashing. Fine tuned to stay within a few seconds every day, this is one of the real decent watches Invicta ever made.

Almost everything has been told why the Invicta 7041 Signature series Diver scores high on the scales and that’s something beyond its attractive looks. Its beauty come from its utilitarian design combos, say, the scalloped bezel. Besides giving a firm grip to wet fingers, it also looks cool because of its continuity. Not like ones with distant grip-points on plain looking bezels..

There’s a rough edge to the 7041 and that’s for the Monster-styled index markers and the dagger-styled hour and minute hands. They don’t glow blindingly; TriNitrite is bright enough, over a large surface area, for decent lengths. It makes reading easy in the dark for a long time but not all night long.

Let’s be fair here, the face looks bit busy which you’ll like if you are the busy kind. The Invicta logo contributes to it as much as the hands, the marks and day/date window; let’s say they have put in equal shares.

Overall, the 7041 has the weight and mechanics almost similar to some of the higher-end watches that cost 10 times its actual price. Invicta is coming up fast!

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