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logo now carries Stuhrling Original Watches! Starting at only US $69, they represent fantastic value for money!

Stuhrling Original Watches have undergone a complete revival, embracing significant improvements for its movements, designs and quality. The improvements significantly leveraged the Stuhrling Watches brand to new heights with the shining solidity on one hand to the bare-bones on the other. For the casual wearers, they represent something impressive as well as versatile, with a posh look and feel that’s similar to Swiss watches coming at a much higher price. The Stuhrling Original Watches look the part and play them too, without even being loud about it!

Get 10% off all Stuhrling Original Watches with discount code STUHRLING. That brings the discounts to up to 90% off some models!

Check them out here: Stuhrling Original Swiss Watches on Sale


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