Hey again, all of you! It’s been quite some time we are flocking around at the MAW blog; the mid-upper and entry-level luxury timepieces our biggest reasons behind. Though some – at times – just graze by exhibiting tasteless showiness (their passion also see an early death, mostly) – we’ll keep them out today. Not because they can’t afford it; because they can’t afford handling this piece of sweet marvel. Not with such wee bit of a choosing criteria as a digital or quartz. Any (even the moderately avid) collector of luxury watches will agree to that.

So the dark grayish/bluish-mix dial (may also look brown/black from different angles) is not something you should be banging around. Not that it will be harmed beyond some scratches but it’s just not to be handled that way. Its class forbids.

This might bring scores of offence from the elite who –literally -wear their watches out; there’s an all-steel, masculine edition. Gold, leather and scratches just don’t go together.

The hands and their trajectories might appear confusing at first (which is good if there is an onlooker) but clears up as you learn them one by one. It will take around an hour max to grab them all; it’s really about how fast you can grasp simple logic. The specific Citizen manual and videos are available online (also at YouTube) and the added things you browse are quite a feast!

Some essential tips for young buyers with no time to follow operational instructions:

  1. Set the watch to ‘0’ position to start. The watch manual says that.
  2. The H820 caliber is not a chronograph ovement, so don’t waste time trying to find it out.
  3. There’s no way to rotate the chapter ring, so don’t waste time finding that out either.
  4. Needs resetting twice. Manually, when you take it out from the package; automatically, when auto atomic sync occurs at night. Keep it close to the windows. NY residents, it will be 2 AM when it auto-synchronizes with the atomic clock in Colorado. Or, you can plain force it to synchronize.
  5. The new caliber H820, once fully charged, shall last 8 months. Don’t expose it directly to a scorching sun though to charge it. A moderately sunlit room is enough to brim it within a fortnight.

As for the rest of us: This is the next level of the World Perpetual AT; the World Time AT is much varied and sharper in designs. The limited edition AT9010-28F is peppy and purely business-casual; the AT9013-03H is freakin’ dress and the AT9010-52E (see pic) downright masculine! It brings in more useful traits this time to travelers and those who need following a second time-zone. Chronograph had been a bit boring; this blew in some fresh air.

IMHO, this is something very exotic. A class apart!