The 3500 line showed up first at BaselWorld 2015, March and is essentially the PRW 3000 getting a step ahead; the Pro-Trek PRW-3500 now steps out of the stable to set on for bigger, badder and better adventures! Sorry if that sounded too poetic or overwhelmed, but the new ProTrek is going to sweep you off of your feet! Like it did to many others; especially, if those who are into any of the sports of mountain/rock climbing, kayaking or fishing, hiking and backpacking or skiing. Europe has loved them so much that now they have their own nicknames, for example, Cerro Tumisa for the PRW-3500T and Cerro Miscanti for the PRW-3500Y from mountaineers in South America. They have been named after the mountains in Chili!

As per the features, the PRW 3500 has little difference with the PRW 3000 ProTreks; the real difference is its rotating bezel set on a more rugged case, which allows quick switching of straps and bringing great many possibilities for personalization. But given that it’s Titanium, there’s not much chance you’d like to swap it with something else.

Those into ABC watches are going to grab the 3500 Pro-Treks right away! The ABC stands for Altimeter, Barometer and Compass, for which, there are dedicated sensors. But, the 3500 scores an extra point for temperature reading; you don’t need to take the thing off your wrist to get an accurate temperature reading real time like with the 3000.

Now comes the synchronization part. It does so every night with the atomic clocks spread over five locations worldwide: US, Europe (UK & Germany) and Asia (Japan and China). There’s also a small black triangle (left of the day/date display) that shows if the watch was able to synch automatically.

The 200 m of water resistance ensures you don’t need to take it off and wrap inside your sleeping bag if you need to swim a river in the rough terrain. Don’t take it for serious deep diving; rest it can handle. Even if you don’t take it out under the Sun for 7 months, once you get the thing charged fully.

The 3500 series is an intelligent one. It displays the sunrise/sunset data alright, but this time it takes into consideration the specific co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) of its position.  A very handy option for photo/videographers too!  That way, you come to grab the perfect lighting conditions photo-shoots; an hour following sunrise or an hour prior to sunset are always a photographer’s lookout!

Overall, a good value for the money you’ll be spending on it and feels bit more substantial, bigger and heftier than its predecessor the PRW-3000. But then again, if you don’t like big watches, stay away!

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