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It’s a fashion show, you got a ticket to watch the catwalk and you came across a casual outfit you don’t mind giving your front two teeth for. Sadly, the model wasn’t wearing a watch. So, what do you choose if you want it to go with the outfit?

Chunky or chic isn’t really an answer here; you need to be more specific. A smart-watch maybe? Not really, for smart-watches, in my humble opinion, are more of a work-gear than being watches. And – not every casual outfit is meant for the smart-watch. It also applies the other way round. Most are not savvy about the pairing and almost always end up with a chic-ticker that often tells everything but the time.

You’ve guessed it right; the fashion versus watch quandary continues. The Apple Watch triggered the debate higher some three or four years back and the fire is still burning and it will keep burning in the future, I hope.

The primary thought that shaped the smart-watch was about revolutionising tech wearable. A watch, how much ever vintage, is still a piece of technology as opposed to the mainstream idea of only digital devices are fit to be bestowed with the honour of TECH. So no more telling just the time and its different aspects; they wanted the watch to do everything from checking heartbeats to emails and social media accounts; remember your schedule and alert you for all that it does, if you want it to. Playing games and maybe bringing the kettle to a boil – we’re sure we’ll see things like that in the days to come. Dread the day they shall start making babies! May God save us all!

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But! If tech had been the only criteria, then the delights of wearing the Grand Seiko or Longines wouldn’t even exist! Some notoriously bad mannered buyers will anyway shout at me; some might even text or take derisory selfies to go with their posts – you might do the same for your watches.

Yawn! Is this going anywhere? No, for it’s not meant to be. I was feeling particularly lazy this evening, so was trying to structure my thoughts. The only difference with the other times is I decided to keep records of the flow. There’re no hard and fast rules about reaching a conclusion when your thoughts are let loose. However, it’s notable that bare wrists all in a sudden became the rage at Milan’s autumn-winter 2015 shows.

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Did fashion drop it as one less thing to worry about? Could be; else the comeback wouldn’t have been possible. Fashion, IMHO, just realized its incomplete stature without the watch to accompany. Smart phones; here don’t stand a chance!

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