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Longines Elegance: Grace and sensuality

The market is becoming increasingly interested in mechanical, automatic watches again. Today’s mechanical movements have met better technical excellence; old technology built with new technical help constructs a fresh spirit in their working principles. Traditional watch making now have become high-tech and it reflects by the sales. Longines started selling more and more mechanical timekeepers

Longines Hydro-Conquest: Win over your fears!

Back in the olden days, there were more watches than not that lived up to the tool standards and they were generally pretty much wallet-friendly. Those were the times when watch enthusiasts loved musing about how tool watches were affordable tool watches. Not saying that those watches have become an extinct species, but they are

The smart-watch scuttlebutts

It’s a fashion show, you got a ticket to watch the catwalk and you came across a casual outfit you don’t mind giving your front two teeth for. Sadly, the model wasn’t wearing a watch. So, what do you choose if you want it to go with the outfit? Chunky or chic isn’t really an