Casio G-Shock Gravity Defier Atomic GW-A1100-1A
Casio G-Shock Gravity Defier Atomic GW-A1100-1A

I hope you don’t mind taking this much of poetic license.

I have often been hit with comments like it’s a pokey habit I have of buying a watch or two every year. This being the 5th year since my watchdrobe came home; the comments turn a little virulent. So, I’m abstaining from buying any at the moment but Casio Gravity Defier-s are really giving me a hard time.

So far, I didn’t look at the Grav-Def range properly until I stumbled on this one while selecting for a friend of mine. She knows about Creation watches and I was helping her out choosing for her bro a New Year gift.

Now, names like Casio Sky Cockpit Triple G Resist carry a lot of duende to most late-teens but you can’t expect them to realize the beauty in it. So, she went for the former one only, but arguing that her bro is more into wearing bright colors. She also had another point: Being the new recruit in the Gravity Defier series, it shall be welcomed more.

I didn’t expect her to give me a crash course on the TRIPLE G RESIST construction but I never expected her holding the new & fresh thing to be the sole defining criteria. The technology and masterfulness to handle sudden, harsh impacts, vibrations and drops – IMHO – demands bit more respect. I found it of no use explaining the Smart Access capabilities; less the digital compass. Casio has spent years on the direction sensor to increase its accuracy and decrease its size and incorporated carbon fiber as one of the materials (for the hands); the only aspect she had shown some interest for is that it’s radio-controlled. Not even that; it was more of a magic to hear about a watch that sets itself.

But that’s where it ends. I had to explain that MULTIBAND 6 doesn’t give you six different color bands to go with but picks signals from six different time-zones around the globe. The solar thing has now become commonplace so I took the first chance to skip it and didn’t even try to get anywhere near to the sapphire crystal glass and the anti-glare coating. Neither the readability aspects (the plus point for the GW-A1100-1A3  and the  GWA-1000FC-5A as well); as long as it looks good, the fashionable crowd has nothing to worry about.

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