• February 13, 2015
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The 9211 is the Speedway with a white dial; there are also two more color options present: the 9223 (black) and 9212 (dual-tone).

Right on the first glance you can tell it has been heavily inspired by the Rolex Daytona chronograph and the best part is we all know that Invicta Speedway is a homage to its thousand times more expensive version. For example, there are serrations on the case back similar to the Oyster. That’s an open secret, so we won’t get into that. Instead, let’s see if Invicta really holds up to what it claims. The comparison shall use a scale that has the Rolex Daytona at its optimum point. We’ll see how far the Invicta Speedway comes up on the Daytona scale.

The Speedway is not Daytona, so don’t expect the build of the Rolex here. It’s a Speedway, so treat it as a Speedway and not a Rolex copy. If Daytona is ‘excellent’, the Speedway is quite a bit more than ‘decent’’. I say this for:

  1. Watch-case, bracelet and its links feel solid; comfortable to wear.
  2. Screw-down chrono/timer pushers; take it to the waters without flinching.Not a monstrosity on the wrist. But then again, it’s a personal preference.
  3. A wide, fixed bezel with tachymeter markings with good a It’s highly polished, quite attractive; marked in black ink that allow you do speed calculations.
  4. The movement. Seiko makes it for Invicta, the Caliber VD53B-14.

The only three complaints I feel are:

  1. Periodic (3 to 5 years) battery changes. But if you are buying quartz, you must have accepted that. Just don’t forget to replace the rubber seal around at the same time.
  2. Lume takes some time under bright light before it’s ready to glow for long and glow bright.
  3. To calculate speed, here you need to rely on your eyesight and reflex and see where the seconds-hand is when you’ve covered one mile/km exactly. However, this you can do by pulling out the crown and hacking the seconds.

Despite all that, the 9211 an inexpensive alternative that’s reliable, attractive and sufficient for both urban and sports use. But the most important question comes now: Who should go for it?

IMHO, the Speedway matches a sybaritic lifestyle all in style! You spend less for the watch and more for the other senses while zero compromising on the look, feel and appeal! Buying something substantial without breaking the bank – that’s it! I’m happy with my own reasons.

I find it good for everyday use and also at occassions, even the formal ones. Seems a fantastic work of  engineering workmanship. The time-keeping is spot-on, immersing in water overnight didn’t build-up fog/water condensation under the glass. The 30-minutes, 1/60-seconds chronograph is accurate and can be used both professionally or for recreational purposes.


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