Seiko Hand-Winding + Automatic Sapphire crystal watch

The hallmark of a great company is constant innovation. Seiko is one such great watch manufacturer whose ability to innovate is well-known across the watch world. In this tradition of innovation Seiko has introduced a brilliant and at the same time affordable movement in the 4R35.

We have just added some fantastic new Seiko watches sporting this brand new movement. The really awesome thing about this movement is that it is hand-winding capable! So not only the watch gets wound by movement of your hand when you wear it, you can also manually wind it by rotating the crown!

These watches are true to Seiko’s reputation for quality. With beautiful designs and in various dial colors they look much more than their price. They all feature sapphire crystals so forget about scratching your watch glass.

If you do not own an automatic watch, these watches will prove to be a very good starting point. If you are already a fan of automatic watches, then you just have to get one of these in your collection. With prices in the range of US$ 250 to US$ 290 only, you just cannot go wrong with these beauties.

Seiko Hand-Winding + Automatic Sapphire crystal watches