Unlearn the unnecessary in the world of mid-tier and mid-entry-level luxury watches. Let the Watch Gonzo guide your course through the roundabouts and swirly labyrinths and rid-off all your horological ignorance. How bad your prenominal viewpoints face the blow is later to be found  out but it will work out a fair bit towards your illumination. 

Q. Dear Gonzo,

I’m not here to fathom your depth in watches. As a matter of fact, I don’t know enough on the subject to run into a debate. So I ask you straightaway – What made (or makes) you love watches?

A. Your intentions are not clear to me, so I prefer to keep the communication short. I like it when small things make big differences and you can’t catch what it is exactly. No, I don’t mean hobo clothes and a haute timepiece; that’s too extreme; a Stresemann and aSeiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive is a fine example. Unless you are really blind (and that too deliberately), you can find out yourself how it transforms your looks. If you can’t, then try thinking your sleeve sliding up a little bit and revealing a naked wrist underneath. I don’t; however, want to go explaining why they look good together. I don’t paint lilies.

The second reason I love watches is they are one of the very few functional, precious, personal instruments with rich varieties and purposes. Some shall scream “mobile!” and maybe they are right, but you can’t always drag out a giant screen to check something or the other. It’s also rude to carry it around visibly; it’s considered showing off and I won’t lie here – checking your watch too often or playing with it is also the same. But on the wrist? Oh, that’s its place. It doesn’t look awkward even if it’s visible 24/7.

I take pleasure in showing off without letting others quetch about it. That, perhaps, is the biggest reason why I love watches.


Q. Dear Gonzo,

Given an option of only one, which – among your most favorite watches – will you take to the bunker on the Doom’s Day? I give you the freedom to choose even an impractical spectacle; not just total-utility tool watches. And everything in between.

A. A challenging question, but nevertheless childish. If you are expecting diatribes, you’ll be utterly disappointed. You forgot to ask me – “When?

If its Dooms Day tomorrow, in that case, I might sit down and try to answer you; if its five years from now, I don’t need to answer. However, if you are too eager to know, I suggest you read up an earlier post from one of my friends and co-workers. Our mindsets match and our difference of opinions on the topic are something you can easily ignore.

But if you are still pressing, I’d like a calendar movement with a compass bezel/chapter ring, designed by Jesus Christ himself and handcrafted by Noah. I won’t tell you which one it is; if you grab it first, my chances for survival go down. Better go and figure out yourself.

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  1. As an owner of a Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase wristwatch (SRX010) and a minor trader in Seiko wristwatches I understand your ‘love’ of watches.

    They are the one functional item of personal jewelry that makes a statement about your personality.

    Any other piece of jewelry is often regarded as flamboyant or ostentatious on men but because a wristwatch is widely accepted as a necessary accessory it serves as your display of taste and style.

    Keeping a collection of wristwatches allows you the ability to choose one that reflects your mood for the day, appropriate for the event or to impress your peers.

    They also make ideal gifts for your loved ones when chosen with careful thought.

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