I must thank the Creation Watches guys heartily. Our biggest festival is just round the corner and I was clueless on a proper wrist wear. Luckily, I found some of the old stocks got filled in and there are some spectacular new ones too, which again got me into a frayed state of mind. Again, I can’t decide which one to go for; they all are equally good.


It is so because I know a watch tells about a man more than anything else and I also know there are two sides to my nature. If I pamper my electric side, it won’t suit my age; if it’s my acoustic side, perhaps I should wait for a few more years and save up for this Hamilton. I was between options till I came across this Seiko, all in a sudden. I find it portrays subtly the transition every man goes through while stepping into his 40s, nor too flamboyant, neither too reserved. That’s control, with charisma but every person looking at it will find more prominent meanings to it. But all will agree at the point that it’s not showy but you can make it be so if you want.


So let’s cut the violins. I’m not giving out a working-class sob story here. Neither am I looking down on expensive watches nor does making them object of investments. I am talking about a valuable timepiece and we all know price can’t always build value. It’s an important distinction you must learn before you go for a watch; it is important for making an intelligent choice. It’s the ingenuity, craftsmanship and tradition that will build up your pride as the wearer of the watch; else, you’ll go down and stay indefinitely bound to the horological purgatory.


Get to understand first the basic concept of the watch you are looking at and then move towards a deeper understanding of it. It’s recognizing the subtle differences between the different timepieces that will make you select the best one for you and will also save you a lot of money. Agreed the $25 digital watch guy will always find your $150 worth purchase a sheer wastage of money, but if you are reading this, I can be sure that you value premium craftsmanship and know how to distinguish somewhat between artificially inflated prices and technological/technical merits. That’s where the Seiko comes around too.