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When Gonzo joined the team, his romance for the mechanical automatic dress watches knew no bounds. It still doesn’t but well, his tendency to shun aside everything that’s not mechanical has given way to appreciation for watches (as a matter of fact, of everything in life) that deserve it. Now Gonzo too agrees that Quartz is more than just fine when it’s truly well-done. Whether it’s our good company or an exposure to many different kinds are responsible I can’t comment – maybe both – but in my subconscious, I can feel my thoughts have also become bit Gonzo-istic. Maybe that’s normal and I believe in give and take. So, I must not stretch that any further.

That is – however – not the point. The point is – Gonzo got pretty much carried away when the Holst-s unfolded! The recent shipment brought some impressive Skagen models among which – and we all agree – the Holst is the supreme! The quartz movement making it run is a technological marvel. Precise timekeeping with added flairs for a very affordable sum – Skagen’s simple, sleek, sharp and clean looks is perhaps what Orient would have made ideally had it dealt in  quartz. The Holst-s have a lot going on in!

One complaint with the mechanical, automatic dress watches is you have to be concerned about keeping them wound all the time in order to keep them going. With quartz watches, it’s the designs. Skagen seems to have noticed that for the Holsts’ designs are more inclined towards creating a mechanical appearance, so that the classic dress watch becomes hassle-free in its use; at least for a few years time.

The 40mm diameter looks great on most wrists. Skagen’s very modern, overall design philosophy, this time leans more towards classic and create a dial layout with the noon and halfway very well-balanced! There’s a fair influence of the IWC Portuguese chrono into it. But here Skagen plays the twist!

This is no chronograph. The top sub-dial is the day-indicator while the bottom one tells the date. Eliminating the square, crescent, circular or rectangular cut-outs for day/date windows makes it easier for the curves going. The subtle textures and tipped sub-dial hands and the rest of the nice attentions to details also flare out uninterrupted.

A quick changing for the day and the date are possible by turning the crown at different positions (clicks out). Or, you may keep turning the hands 24-hours at a time for a long play.

Be it the steel mesh bracelet or the nicely grained 20mm leather band, both cut straight across with the lugs. They do not butt-out (how much ever snugly that might be up against the case) but maintain that bit of a gap – between watch band and case – that looks less hyperodynamic (hyper, aero dynamic) and more relaxed.

At 10mm thickness, it’s certainly not the thinnest. But they are suit-worthy, smart and to some extent – casual!

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