Cool jewellery makes some of the best New Year gifts. These include pendants, charms and earrings – even figurines for ladies; pens, belts, wallets and watches for men. Ladies, too; got a huge selection in the watch department and matched carefully with the aforementioned, can unleash some of the most creative gift ideas that are impactful and essentially trendy. There’s no set rule to the pairings; here, just like any other time, let individual preference rule. What I’m here to talk about today are some extremely colorful wrist-wear for men (see one here) which are self-sufficient to qualify as great gifts for young men and women and no, there’s not even a single speck of glitter in them. They are all about uniform, bright colors influenced by the color schemes of the buildings in the waterfront and entertainment district of Nyhavn at Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

These from the House of Skagen add to the class factor when formals are not what you are in a mood to wear. Aaren is one of the Kulør (Danish for the act of adding color and fun to something) styles made from aluminum (case, sandblasted dial, logo detail and markers) and silicone (for the strap). Additionally, the quick-release pin construction is an easy way to interchange straps. It’s not mandatory that you need to keep the stock straps forever.

Let’s look at the colors. The Aaren Kulørs are not exactly the rainbow but just tad short to it; they bring you blue, yellow, red, orange, light blue and pink; also for men. These colors depict Skagen’s emphasis upon celebrating life’s joyous moments through simplicity, putting it as their core value of emphasizing a better living through a good, modern design that looks great with any casual dress, at any point of time and anywhere in the world you are! Capture what is truly essential in urban styling; let the art of purposeful design lead you towards it.

Minimalists trying to look beyond the cream, black and white domains were delighted with the launch of the Aaren Kulør range. Skagen succeeded in striking the right balance with their long established less-is-more philosophy and incorporates the Danish Hygge culture of finding happiness through comfortable conviviality in different moods, which the electrifying colors portray. The neon colorway in the Aaren Kulør collection also celebrate passionately a Hindu festival named Holi – the Festival of colors. How much they represent the Indian heritage and its dynamism is again open to personal interpretation.

Stay true to the warm, vibrant spirits of coastal entertainment; to the essence of Holi, through the modest yet purposeful designs and Japanese movements. Brighten up not just your outfits, but also your day and your mood!

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