From our previous release on Hugo Boss watches one thing got clear: The Hugo Boss with its very compact feel in an all-steel construction is the go-to watch for your every special occasion. They got enough gleam to make statements; sometimes simple enough to make genteel impressions. Their all stainless steel construction – often different than just in brushed or polished silver tone ensure that its good looks are near to forever. Bracelets and buckle-clasps (including the deployment variety) to the soft, rich leather – everything speaks of an impeccable quality brand making compact timepieces with real details. Anyone fond of flashy, detailed looks must try a Hugo Boss!

The allure of elegance of a statement-making standard and brought through big and comprehensively detailed, wearable timekeeping units, the Hugo Boss sports watches are also suitable for those prone to the seas. Here, we are not talking about just the Hugo Boss Ocean Edition but also the Hugo Boss Ocean Edition Horloge Quartz, which I find more versatile than the former one and more capable in terms of going places. I can wear it to a business meeting to the pub during the weekends and to the sea-sides during my bi-annual vacations. In terms of importance and significance, it speaks volumes about the wearer’s taste and sense of practicality and of course, about his precise attitude! Its beautiful symmetry and functionality makes it classy enough!

Hugo Boss is also a major player when it comes to putting up a casual yet practical aura; have a look at the Pilot Vintage Edition and my firm belief is yours won’t differ much either. While it would be too much to say that Hugo Boss reinvented the aviator style, there’s no doubt that they closely followed the basics of the unequaled style of early aviators and added the icing of modern standards on this piece of horological cake.

Despite the marvels spoken about till now, you still need to see the BOSS collection — the brand’s North American collection, which is a collection of rather upscale models with a fresh, new, bold look. We’ll soon get them into our roster for the young urban professionals and is another strong testament for the brand’s outstanding global image and an excellent price reputation.

Before I end today, let me just say this much that the BOSS delivers nothing but the best quality within its category and price bracket. The brand recognizes how important quality workmanship is and therefore, develops their products in close cooperation with renowned Swiss watch designers; with only the best materials carefully selected and strictly tested, for each of its components, from the case to the movements and the rest to guarantee high precision, performance and reliability.

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