• May 27, 2024
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Dive watches are undoubtedly one of the most popular watch categories out there. Nowadays most people choose a diver as their ideal tool watch because of their multifunctionality. Most dive watches have varied looks and features that don’t just serve the single purpose of diving. These Tissot Dive watches are durable-built with varying levels of water resistance, making them ideal for rough everyday use as well. Apart from that, dive watches are made to be precise and legible underwater, a feature that actually helps you under many conditions.

Features that are made specifically for diving are actually way more practical and reliable for daily life. This is why people gear up to invest in good dive watches for everyday use even though they’re not into recreational or professional diving. But the thing is that most dive watches don’t come cheap. 

A good dive watch from a renowned brand will cost you a small fortune easily. While on the hunt for a good dive watch that provides good value for money, we explored Tissot. One of the more affordable brands from the renowned Swatch group, the quality of Tissot Dive Watches can easily compete with higher-end Swiss watch brands at fairer prices. 

Did you know the PRX collection is not the only great Tissot timepiece to exist? We’re here to explore the top picks for the best Tissot dive watches. Frankly, we think they have a great variety that caters to different requirements and at these price-to-feature ratios, they’re also highly underrated.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Professional Powermatic 80

The very first on our list is the hugely popular Seastar 1000 Professional with automatic movement that reserves power for up to 80 hours – hence the name! As a trademark Swiss watch, the collection has been created with extreme attention to detail, and yet priced reasonably at under 1000 USD. The collection has several bracelet or strap options with a stainless steel body that’s hypoallergenic and resistant to corrosion. The series looks very premium and the stylish design can be compared to higher-end watches like the Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster. The Seastar 1000 is also available in a hassle-free Quartz version, that may be more convenient for many people.

Coming to the seamless performance, this Tissot dive watch is the perfect choice if you’re a novice diver or if this is your first dive watch. With a 300m (1000ft) water resistance, a clean and luminescent case, and a screw-down crown, this Tissot automatic dive watch collection has the perfect pieces for recreational and even some serious underwater activities. The series is actually often overlooked, but we think these watches have a lot to offer given the great features and reasonable cost. 

Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional Powermatic 80

Coming next on this list is the Seastar 2000 Professional series. An upgrade over the Seastar 1000, this series doubles everything its predecessor offers. Off the top, the design is very sporty and casual with a 316L stainless steel case and domed sapphire crystal dial. The series features the Powematic 80 caliber, an automatic movement that allows precise timekeeping for up to 80 hours and has a greater resistance to magnetic fields. Offering versatile wear for a lot of occasions, the Tissot dive watch series also comes with a good number of strap options. 

Unlike the previous Tissot Seastar Dive watch collection, this upgraded diver series has a water resistance of 600m (2000 ft) with a helium escape valve and engraved 60-minute scale. The clear, luminous markers perform great underwater, even in low light conditions. But what makes the Seastar 2000 Professional series one of the best Tissot dive watch collections is the ISO certification. This means that the series meets all the criteria for professional diving as well as recreational, making it a great all-rounder option for dive enthusiasts.

Tissot T-Sport Seastar Powermatic 80

Among all Tissot dive watch series, the T-Sport collection delves between being a dive watch and a sports watch. With versatile looks perfect for everyday wear and active sports (wet and dry), the series features watches with automatic and quartz movements. The Automatic watches have a power reserve of 80 hours, with about 300m (1000 feet) of water resistance. Some models even feature added functions like chronograph for better precision.

Within this series are a few Tissot diver quartz models that feature a lower water resistance of 100m but offer distinct dressier looks, perfect for parties and occasions. Overall, if you want a wide range of choices between looks, functions, and movements, the T-Sport range has a lot to offer at various levels of water resistance. But suppose you’re into occasional diving or enjoy recreational water sports. In that case, the T-Sport Seaster Powermatic can serve both purposes of being an everyday tool watch and also a good diver.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph

Swiss-made chronograph movements are infamous globally for the accuracy and preciseness they offer. Combining this with a 300m (1000 ft) water resistance is the Seastar 1000 chronograph series. The brand’s PRX collection has become very popular with a number of chronograph models in its forte. But the PRX series leans on a dressier side. But if you’re a fan of the chronograph function and are looking for its sporty-looking alternative, you can check out this Tissot dive watch series. 

The collection features several quartz movement models that offer hassle-free and accurate timekeeping with a chronograph function for added convenience underwater. The dials are clean with luminous markers and hands complemented by three timing sub-dials. The Seastar 1000 chronograph models are currently one of the best Tissot diver quartz watches with great features all under 1000 USD. It’s a worthy steal. 

Tissot PRX T-Classic Powermatic 80

We don’t think the PRX collection needs an introduction, so we’ve been saving it for the last. One of the bestselling collections from the brand, the PRX series isn’t marketed as a Tissot dive watch, but here’s why we think this collection belongs in this list. Compared to the Tissot seastar dive watch collection, this series offers a much lower water resistance of 100m (330 ft). However, it’s still a great fit for recreational water activities packed in a dressy, evening look. 

Along with the classy look, this series has several diverse features like a sapphire crystal dial with an anti-reflective coating, a sturdy 316L stainless steel case, luminous hands, and markers on top of the powermatic movement with 80 hours of power reserve. These features make watches strong and impact-resistant. So, even if you’re not taking it to oceanic depths, this is the perfect tool watch for desk divers that will blend seamlessly on all formal occasions as well.