These days more and more people are becoming health and exercise conscious. A lot of them go running, cycling, do outdoor sports or workout at the gym. Our ever-changing lifestyle is continuously moving towards less physical activity. I heard about a neighbor of a friend of mine who drove down to his house for a dinner party – and they stay about 50m apart! As I said a lot of people are realizing this and compensating for the less physical activity by exercising.

Now if you are like me – I swim or cycle at least a couple of times a week – then we wouldn’t be called really pro-exercise or active people. We are ok, in the sense that we do something, but trust me its not enough. Doctors recommend at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every day for  you overall well-being. Now 20 minutes does not seem like a long time, but you would be surprised at the excuses we make (mostly to ourselves) convincing ourselves of a better use for those 20 minutes. This is when we need some kind of motivation. It will well-known (if you didn’t know till now, you do now) that the best way to motivate yourself is to set goals. Now if you are going to set fitness goals, you will be better off if you can narrow the goals down to workout specifics. i.e. the duration, the amount of calories, the distance, the heart rate during the workout.  And this is where you will need one of the new fascinations of today’s world  – heart rate monitors.

We recently added Polar Heart rate monitor watches to our catalogue. Polar was founded in 1976 in Finland. That makes it another Finnish company that has made a name as the best in its category (the other one i need to even say it? which handphone do you use…most likely a Nokia :)). And since then Polar hasn’t looked back. They have added numerous innovative products, concepts and designs in the range of heart rate monitors. Currently they have many ranges of watches – from basic heart rate monitors (FS1, FS2) to professional ones (RS800). To name a few of the models: Cycling : CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400, CS600. Fitness: F11, F4, F55, F7. Activity computers: FA20. Fitness and training models: FT40, FT60 and the new (great looking!) FT80. Running models: RS100, RS200, RS400, RS625, RS725, RS800.

Visit the Polar website at You can find useful information in the discussion forums for Polar watches here: They have a separate forum for each of the watch types – so even if you are looking to choose which one to get, the forum is a great place to start.

So if exercise and health is on your mind lately (if its not its should be) – Polar watches is something you should definitely look into. Trust me, it will be a worthwhile investment with some really great returns. I will review one of the Polar models closely (with closeup pics) one of these days.

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