The Review of Citizen Promaster Titanium Perpetual Calendar Eco-Drive Tough Watch BL5194-52L

This Citizen titanium eco drive watch is a solar powered watch that contains a solar cell in its face that drives the watch by converting light energy into electrical energy. It is equipped with numerous functions including a full auto calendar that changes the date automatically (day, month and year change through February 28, 2100 including leap years), a daily alarm function that can be set based on a 24-hour clock, and a chronograph function that allows measurement of time in 1/20 second units up to 59 minutes, 59.95 seconds.

This watch has a Power Save Function – When power generation stops as a result of light not shining on the solar cell during the time display or local time display, the second hand stops at the 12:00 position and only the hour and minute hands move to save power. When light once again begins to shine on the solar cell, the second hand advances rapidly to the current seconds and returns to moving at one second intervals.

Insufficient Charging Warning Function – Regardless of the display of the watch at the time, when the watch becomes insufficiently charged, the watch changes to the time display and the second hand moves to the charge position to inform the wearer that it is insufficiently charged. After the second hand moves to the charge position, the watch changes to the time display in the order of the 24 hour hand, hour hand, minute hand and date wheel. Although the watch continues to keep time accurately at this time, the watch stops after about five days have elapsed (roughly two days in the case of the hands have been moved to switch the time when the insufficient charging warning feature is activated). When this happens, charge the watch by exposing to light so that it returns to one-second interval movement. However, since the time is incorrect when the watch is exposed to light and changes to the insufficient charging warning display after it has stopped due to the insufficient charging, set the time after sufficiently charging the watch.

Overcharging Prevention function – The overcharging prevention feature is activated when the secondary battery is fully charged so that it is not charged further.  The chronograph of this watch is able to measure time up to a maximum of 59 minutes, 59.95 seconds in 1/20th second units, after which resets to 0 seconds. The local time function allows the time in a different time zone to be set separately from the current time. Local time is set by performing a time difference correction in 1 hour units based on the current time. The alarm function uses a 24-hour clock. Once the alarm has been set, the alarm sounds for 15 seconds when the time is reached once a day.

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Some Important Features:

Perpetual Calendar
Duratect Titanium
Movement: Eco Drive
Calibre: E811
100m Water Resistant

Dial: Blue dial
Crystal: Sapphire crystal
Case: Duratect coated Titanium
Bracelet/Strap: Duratect coated Titanium bracelet

Eco-Drive: Charges in sunlight or indoors. Never change a battery!
270 days Power Reserve

Diameter : 39mm without crown
Thickness : 13mm

This watch is available for US $790.00 with us.
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