Note: Gonzo jades out. He will return but for now, he appoints me his mouthpiece. I never handled letters and queries before, so I’m writing instead a long answer to those that match. The remaining shall hear from Gonzo.


Out of several questions that poured in this week, most go like this, more or less:

Dear Gonzo, what’s your opinion on the different Jap brands? Can I wear them among the rich and the famous and the royalty alike and still make ‘so-and-so’ watch a regular at my workplace? Do they have it as much as their European counterparts? This is tolerable, to some extent. But if it’s an adamant – Why should I buy a Jap luxury if I’m getting a Euro-make at the same price, maybe lesser?”- It provokes thoughts on the questioner’s habit of seeking the benefits of milk from rice and beans.
A subtle chuckle is what they deserve; I shall answer only the first kind.

The world would be simpler if all watches were the same. Many a times I’ve put on a serious face and say something profound like “No way; it’s your mind and your money, right? It must be your way too!” It’s easier. A fool and his money are meant to be partying the wrong way, who am I to alter that destiny? Explore, observe; never interfere; I’m an ardent Star Trek fan too.

So to keep things short, the following are a snapshot of a few popular models for starters – not only Jap – that will connect your Equator to the Poles. From this, pick and choose what you think suits you best. I will say, though; that any simple (read: not overly complicated), high grade quartz should be your first as they run on their own, without any effort from you on a frequent basis. The solar-powered or the auto-quartz needs some careful wearing in the beginning, which might not be possible for you to give at first. However, if you are determined to wear your purchase like a veteran, who am I to comment?

  1.  Citizen Chronograph: Suits the dressy office events and also the weekends by the pool sides.
  2.  Hamilton Ventura Chrono Quartz: Want the MIB touch? This one is way out unconventional. Get that sharp look.
  3.  Nautica Chronograph Blue Dial: The dress watch to go with your blue suits. High-corporate and dress-circles only.
  4. Seiko Quartz : Suits both as a work wear and an evening wear.
  5. Tissot Classic Dream: Gold and black goes well with that black tux and gold cuffs. Strictly a formal evening wear.

I don’t know what Gonzo would recommend. But I say – with firm conviction – it won’t be vastly different. Only better.