A Review of Citizen Aqualand Diver Depth Meter Promaster JP1010-00E JP1010 Watch

This watch is a diver’s watch having a combination display (analogue and digital) and equipped with an electronic depth meter. When the watch senses water on its water sensor, the watch automatically enters the diving mode without any operation to change the mode and all diving functions become ready for use. After a dive begins, diving time, present depth, maximum depth and water temperature are automatically measured and displayed. The watch is provided with a log data memory function that can store the data for 4 dives. Moreover, different dive alarm functions are available. One alarm function alerts the diver of excess speed in ascending; if you ascend too rapidly during a dive, the alarm sounds. This watch has a chronograph function.  The chronograph can measure up to 24 hours in 1/100 seconds.  This watch has two alarm functions are provided as dive alarms used in this watch. Depth alarm function – when the set depth is reached during a dive, the alarm will beep for 15 seconds. The depth alarm setting range is 1 m to 80 m/4 ft to 260 ft (units of 1 m/4 ft). If you continue to dive deeper than the set depth alarm, every minute the alarm can be activated repeatedly. Dive time alarm function – When the set time comes after starting a dive, the alarm will beep for 15 seconds.

This Citizen Aqualand diver depth meter promaster watch has highly reliable water resistant of 200m. The highly reliable water resistant conforms to ISO standards for diving watches. The underwater depth display of this watch is 80m. This watch is provided with a water sensor. Whenever this sensor senses traces of water in any other mode display, the watch automatically enters the diving mode with. This watch provides various alerts function such as ascending speed warning function, Abnormal depth alert function and water sensor check alert function. This watch has 12/24 time format i.e., Time display can be set to show either 12 hour or 24 hour formats. The calendar function of this watch displays the dates of the month. The case of this watch is made up of stainless steel and it band is made up of rubber. This watch also features one way bezel, screw case back and screw lock crown. There is also a low battery indicator. This is an important features of a divers watch. The customers who purchase this watch are really happy with this watch.

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Some Important Features:

Citizen Aqualand Diver Depth Meter Promaster JP1010-00E JP1010 Watch
Citizen Aqualand Diver Depth Meter Promaster JP1010-00E JP1010 Watch

Ana-digi Quartz movement.
Professional Divers Watch.
Underwater Depth Display Down to 260 Feet – 80 m.
Water-temperature indicator (-5ºC~+40ºC).
For diving: Log memo (4 dives).
Depth alarm.
Dive time alarm.
Maximum depth indicator.
Dive time(up to 100 minutes).
Rapid ascent warning.
1/100 second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours.
Full auto Calendar.
200m Water resistant.
Screwdown crown and Screw Caseback.
Unidirectional rotating elapsed time bezel.
Hardened Mineral Glass.
Stainless steel Case. Rubber Band.

Battery Life: About 2 years.
Low battery indicator.

Diameter: 44mm
Thickness: 14.5 mm.
Weight: 108 g.

This watch is available for US $230.00 with us
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