• November 6, 2023
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Yes, dear reader, for the uninitiated, we’re orbiting toward the dark side of horology, where the functionality of timekeeping meets the aesthetic spectacle of a moon waning and waxing. Enough of this dawdling on earth. Let’s take a leap of faith and walk on the moon together. Consider this your co-pilot offering a guided tour through the lunar landscape of timepieces.

Hey, by the end of it, you might just turn into a lunatic yourself, a moon phase watch lunatic, of course. And who says lunatics don’t have the most fun? Trust me; it’s a journey worth taking. In a world filled with smartwatches and digital displays, Moon Phase Watches stand out as timeless classics that effortlessly connect us with something celestial. The love for these gorgeous watches has been amplified by iconic brands such as Tissot, Citizen, Fossil, Casio, and more, who have taken this art to a whole new level.

So, What is a Moon Phase Watch?

Let’s put you into orbit around the horological heavens of moon phase watches. A moon phase watch is a complicated, delicate, intricate piece of craftsmanship. Essentially, these watches carry an additional functionality on top of the usual time-telling – they track the lunar calendar. Mind-blowing, right? And how do they do that, you ask? With gear teeth! The regular watch comes with 24 teeth controlling a 12-hour clock face. Stacking another gear on this with 59 teeth helps depict a moon phase for approximately 29.5 days.

Now, moving from the tech talk to the real question: “Why on earth do I need to keep track of the moon?” Good question. The answer is simple – because it is absurdly cool. Timekeeping has relied on moon phases since days when humans noticed celestial bodies apart from the sun. Having a moon phase watch is like a throwback to our ancestors. So why not show your respect to your thousand-times-great-grandfather who used a moonbeam to track his dinner date?

Night Sky on Your Wrist: Top 5 Moon Phase Watches for Men

We’re now going to get into a glamorous trek through the cosmos without leaving the comfort of your own couch.

So, first on our “Moonwalk Hall of Fame” is the piece that even overshadowed Neil Armstrong’s voyage – the Zeppelin Hindenburg LZ129 7036M-1 Quartz Moon Phase Men’s Watch. This watch is so grand that you might convince people you’re an estranged royal. The level of craftsmanship, sophistication, and, yes, complications make it poised to steal the show at any black-tie event. The moment you set eyes on it, you’ll be captivated by its intriguing lunar cycle depiction displayed right on the dial, turning your watch-wearing experience into a nightly cosmic journey.

Enveloped in an aesthetically appealing design, this timepiece isn’t just about looks. It’s built from high-end materials and powered by a notable quartz mechanism, showcasing a seamless marriage of functionality and opulence.

Next up is the Citizen Moon Phase Blue Dial Stainless Steel Eco-Drive AP1050-81L Men’s Watch, subtle in its elegance but speaks volumes about your style. Imagine the rich hues of a midnight sky, and you’ll be drawn into the beauty of this watch’s blue dial. The artistic representation of the moon pirouettes gracefully against the celestial backdrop, evoking a sense of wonder and sophistication. The exquisite design, the meticulous calendar, and the dreamy lunar depiction blend perfectly, projecting an aura of magnificence.

Shining next in our lunar series is the Casio Standard Analog Moon Phase White Dial Quartz MTP-M300D-7A MTPM300D-7 Men’s Watch – a celestial treat for the eyes. Besides, the hand-painted miniature moon. You can literally lose yourself in the intricate details of its vibrant moon phase depiction. It boasts of precision in engineering, supreme functionality, and style, packaged within the compact frame of a watch. Don’t blame us if it leaves you moonstruck.

Waltzing into our wistful exploration is the Fossil Neutra Minimalist Moon Phase Blue Dial Quartz FS5907 Men’s Watch. If the watch was just a bit more minimalist, it could pass for a miniature art exhibit. The Fossil Neutra Minimalist Moon Phase is like the shy poet in the corner, the one who’s reserved but beautifully intriguing.

Last but never least, the Mathey Tissot Edmond G10 Limited Edition Moon Phase Men’s Watch, aka ‘the collector’s choice.’ This watch stylishly boasts about its quality and style. So suave, so nonchalant. It gives the skies on your wrist a sense of authenticity that few can compete with. Perhaps its unprecedented legacy is why every second hand seems to whisper an untold story of horology.

So, folks, that concludes our cosmic exploration of gorgeous yet functional horology. These wrist candies not only feed your space obsession but also let you dazzle with elegance. But remember, no aliens were harmed during the creation of these watches!

Caring for Your Moon Phase Watch

It’s uncanny how some people treat their treasured moon phase watches like miniature versions of the moon itself—always hidden away, cozily wrapped up in some alien-like cocoon. Lightbulb moment: it’s not the moon! So, let’s clear up some lunar illusions about caring for your moon phase watch. Maintaining these celestial trackers is no rocket science. All you need is a regular winding ritual.

When it comes to cleaning, don’t think you need the Hubble Space Telescope and a feather duster. A lint-free cloth is just fine, thanks. And if you’re storing your watch, avoid extremes of temperature. A simple watch box with a comfy pillow to snuggle will do.

Repairs and services? Here comes the tricky part. Imagine performing open-heart surgery on a Martian dust particle. That’s why we have professionals. If something goes wrong, extend your trust to expert hands, preferably those well acquainted with lunar cycles. And voila!

How to Read and Set Moon Phase Watches

You see, these fascinating little gadgets do more than just add a celestial vibe to your wrist. Let’s start with the basics. Setting the moon phase watch can seem daunting, bringing back the horrors of high school trigonometry. Fear not; it’s simpler than your Starbucks order. Look up the age of the moon on the day you want to set it. This number refers to the number of days the moon has been in its current lunar cycle. Turn the crown until the moon shows up right where it should be. And voila, you’re synced with the universe!

However, accuracy can be a bit of a pickle. These watches work on the premise that the lunar cycle is precisely 29.5 days. But wait, didn’t I say it was 29.53 days? I knew you were paying attention! This teeny difference might not seem like much, but give it a couple of years, and your watch might be throwing an ‘off by two’ error. Annual adjustments are usually required. However, some ultra-high-end timepieces promise an accuracy of up to 122 years. Now go, flaunt your celestial knowledge!

In a Nutshell

Well, folks, we’ve come a long way, orbiting through the specifics of Tissot, Citizen, and Fossil’s Moon Phase watches. Have you managed to pick your jaw off the floor yet? No, we’re not insane. It’s just a poetic way of saying it, okay? Choosing the right moon phase watch might seem like rocket science, but trust us, it all boils down to your style preference, budget, and how often you fancy yourself moonstruck. A moon phase watch isn’t just a piece of accessory; it’s your personal slice of the cosmos.