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The EDOX pre-talk

In today’s post, we’ll look into a brand that deserves a close inspection but somehow gets missed out upon most of the times. Amidst the flurry of diver watches that keep our lines of vision occupied, this one breaks us free from the fetters that have brainwashed us into believing that ‘ dive’ is synonymous to only a few, specific brands. The Edox Icons archives, if you explore, you’ll find them rather mysterious. The watches we are about to discuss are a part of them; some are special productions, some are strictly limited editions. Some like the  Skydiver are believed to be part of secret projects; some were exclusively built for the elite forces. Being dependable and rugged are just their basic criteria; it’s also applicable for their strictly formal pieces like the Les Bemonts and the Les Vauberts. The brand’s prime USP is their exceptional water-resistance technology, which has bettered over time, and today; the overall design philosophy has transformed into something more modern and far more powerful. Outcomes are pieces like the Edox SkyDiver Neptunian , which we will also talk about today.


Extremely clear glass that awes everyone!

Table of Contents:

1.7 EDOX watches at a glance
2.7 EDOX watches: A long, deep look
3.Why should you go for these EDOX watches? 

7 EDOX watches at a glance

Model Variants Movement Features Performance Buy it!
Edox Delfin The Original Water Champion
  • Automatic, Mechanical Caliber: 88 (based On SW220-1)
  • Jewels: 26 Hours, minutes, seconds, date, day
  • Date at 3 o’clock
  • Screw-Down Crown w/ double O’ring,
  • Screw-in double Caseback (see-through)
  • SuperLuminova luminescence upon hands and indices.
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Diving bezel
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet w/ deployment Clasp
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters/20 ATM
  • Dimensions: 43mm (d), 13mm (t)
  • 24mm (lug width
  • Accuracy: +30 secs./day (unbroken); +12 seconds (broken well)
  • Beat rate: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power-reserve: 38 hours

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  • Automatic, Mechanical Caliber: ETA 2824
  • 25 Jewels
  • Shock Protection: Novodiac / Incabloc
  • Regulator: Etachron
  • Rotor Type: Ball bearing
  • Rotor Winding: Bi-directional
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Silicon Strap
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Power Reserve
  • Date Display
  • Diving Bezel
  • Screw-Down Crown w/ double O’ring,
  • Screw-in, etched, double Caseback
  • Buckle Clasp
  • SuperLuminova luminescence upon hands and indices.
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters/30 ATM
  • Dimensions: 44mm (d), 13mm (t)
  • 24mm (lug width)
  • Accuracy: +12 secs/day to +30secs./day
  • Beat rate: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power-reserve: 38 hours

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Mecano Automatic, Mechanical, Caliber: 85 (based on ETA 2824)
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet w/Deployment Clasp
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Skeleton Dial
  • See Through Case Back
  • 200m Water Resistance
  • Dimensions: 43mm (d); 13mm (t), 24mm (lug width)
  • Beat rate: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power-reserve: 42 hours.

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Edox Skydiver 70’s
  • Automatic, Mechanical Caliber: ETA 2824
  • 25 Jewels
  • Shock Protection: Novodiac / Incabloc
  • Regulator: Etachron
  • Rotor Type: Ball bearing
  • Rotor Winding: Bi-directional
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Sapphire Crystal Screwed-in double Case Back
  • Deployment Clasp Water Resistance: 300m
  • Dimensions: 42mm(d), 12mm (t), 20mm (Lug Width)
  • Accuracy: +12 secs/day to +30secs./day
  • Beat rate: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power-reserve: 38 hours

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(Green Dial)

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(Black Dial)
Edox Skydiver Neptunian
  • Automatic Movement Caliber: 80 (Based on ETA2824)
  • 25 Jewels
  • Shock Protection: Novodiac / Incabloc
  • Regulator: Etachron
  • Rotor Type: Ball bearing
  • Rotor Winding: Bi-directional
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Rubber Strap
  • ARC Sapphire Crystal
  • Luminous Hands And Markers
  • Date Display
  • Rotating/Diver Bezel
  • Screw-Down Crown w/ double O’ring,
  • Screw-in, etched, double Caseback
  • Buckle Clasp
  • 1000m Water Resistance
  • Dimensions: 44mm (d), 16mm (t), 21mm (lug width)
  • Accuracy: +12 secs/day to +30secs./day
  • Beat rate: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power-reserve: 40 hours

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Les Bemonts Date
  • Movement:
  • Swiss made, Quartz (battery)
  • EDOX 57 based on RONDA 786
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • Thickness: 6,1 mm
  • Bezel:
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass:
  • Sapphire crystal, Antireflection treatment on one side
  • Dial:
  • Black, Luminescent hands and/or indices, Date
  • Water resistance:
  • Up to a pressure of 3 ATM (30m)
  • Bracelet:
  • Stainless steel silver
  • Buckle:
  • Stainless steel folding-buckle
  • Accuracy: +15 secs/month
  • Battery life: 36 months

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Les Vauberts
  • Edox Caliber 85, based upon ETA2824
  • 25 jewels
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Open Heart Dial
  • Screwed-in case Back
  • Deployment Clasp
  • 50m Water Resistance
  • Approximate Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Approximate Case Thickness: 10mm
  • Approximate Lug Width: 21mm
  • Accuracy: +12 secs/day to +30secs./day
  • Beat rate: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power-reserve: 40 hours

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7 EDOX watches: A long, deep look

Is it safe in the wild? – Oh yes.

Is it very, very solid? – Oh yes; definitely!

1.Edox Delfin The Original

Water Champion 200m

The Delfin dates back to 1965.  It was not a single watch though. This series of watches was built to withstand an impressive (that time) water edoxdelfinresistance of 200 meters. The arrival of Delfin is considered quite revolutionary for their case construction, a trait that is carried forward into the modern Edox Icons Delfin. Here, we talk about three models from the line; the modern rendition of the

 Water Champion; the Delfin Diver’s and the Mecano; with case designs that are scrupulously valued and praised by the horologically enlightened. That goes beyond the 12-angled bezel; nevertheless, it does help keeping the vintage spirit up.





The Double O’ring is an EDOX Icons innovation for their highly technical timepieces. It ensures the perfect water resistance for each of the Delfin watches. These special double O’rings exist under the crowns while reinforced case back and the special gaskets underneath ensure the highest amount of water resistance possible in diving watches. Hence the name ‘ Water Champion’.

However, before everything else, let’s have a brief look upon the specific quality and technical standards EDOX Icons maintains for the Delfin Water Champion.

First in this aspect is the DOUBLE O’RING feature. It was engineered both for the crowns and the pushers to enforce maximum water, dust and humidity resistance. It’s a level II security to fortify the efficacy of Delfin’s screw-down crowns further. Edox broke their long silence with the double O-ring and it’s just one of the many patents they hold in the watch industry. The double-gasket crown concept saw Edox Icons to be one of its founding pioneers.

This new take on one of the brand’s great achievements is one that occurred over the years. Alternatively, you may call it the Edox Delfin Diver Date Automatic. It’s one of the brands most famous watches.

The modern Delfin Water Champion is borderline large, measuring 43mm across (w/crown). The stainless steel case with what one might call a textured polish; you can see a pattern in the polish if you look close enough. It’s an attractive match to the brushed bezel and bracelet. The resulting textural interplay is unique and the case, bezel and bracelet bring a triple-dose of masculinity aboard. It’s a brooding appeal that works well; there’s nothing that distracts the design.

You’ll readily notice the Delfin exhibiting the most important (and desired) aspect of a dive watch, which is legibility. Its sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating, bars nothing on and above the dial from appearing sharp and distinct. Whether it’s the applied hour and minute markers; the sheer amount of displayed text or the lume-filled ( SuperLuminova X1) hands, they enjoy an enhanced contrast with the blue dial.

This is where we need to talk about the Swiss Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 a bit. It is 60% more efficient than standard grade lumes and retains a brighter glow after two hours. It increases night visibility and exceeds the ISO 3157 by 1.6 times in the long run.

The Edox Icons Caliber 88A driving it is an ETA 2824 variant; sometimes, it’s built upon the Sellita SW200, which is again a slightly better clone of the ETA 2824 in terms of tooth profile and jewel count. The extra jewel in the Sellita is for supporting the barrel arbor under the ratchet wheel unlike ETA putting in a steel bearing. Technically, there is no difference in their performances but an extra jewel….well, you may boast a bit about it. Usually, you’ll find 25 jewels and a 4Hz. (28,800vph) beat rate ETA 2824 mechanical movement inside that winds automatically and fully winds to store 38-hours’ worth running power. Certainly, it’s not a movement to create awe but it hangs well through the years, demanding little to no attention. And that turns the Delfin Original Diver Automatic Date watch into a whole new interesting thing again!

 2.Edox Delfin Diver’s 300m

          Clean & Efficient

Edox Delfin DiverTo cut it short, let’s say this one is the 300 meters version of the Original Water Champion we just discussed but then again, it well deserves its status in its own merits; as an exceptional, robust and long-lasting diving watch. Whether you are heading the beach or striking up some cool and casual street fashion, the Water Champion 300m is going to keep you company with utmost efficiency.

You’ll find it hard to overlook the bright aesthetics of the EDOX Icons Delfin 300m Diver watch. That bright aesthetics is essential for dark outdoors; also, when you sync yours with others for a special purpose and must count every tick with precision. The contrast does it and it does it well. The 43mm diameter of the watch (without crown into the measurement) offers a large enough ground for that contrast to play for the medium-sized-and-up male wrists in an easy, rare harmony. The black/gold is a very prominent combination; almost to the point of shocking under bright lights yet sober and soft under an ambient glow. Keeps options open for both kinds of environments.




Edox Delfin Diver

This Delfin, too; features a dodecagonal bezel; a shape that has reached an almost iconic status adorning the most adventurous wrists since 1973. It’s a modernized version; a dive-timer for short, shallow dives.

This is not a piece that will quietly slip under a traditional/formal shirt and neither is it meant to be worn with one. Casual time-spending such as on Friday evenings or weekends doesn’t call for any. The rubber strap has high tensile strength and is inert to chemicals including body fluids. There are no chances for rashes or similar skin irritations.

Two distinct ‘ Swiss Make’ characteristics of the watch are its –

  • Reinforced sapphire crystal made in Switzerland
  • Self-winding, mechanical movement EDOX Icons Caliber 83 (base: ETA 2834) with seconds-stopping/resetting feature. It has 25 jewels; beats at 28,800 vph and can reserve a total of 38-hour worth running power.

The depth rating of the EDOX Icons Diver is bit unusual. You do not come across watches between 200m and 500m too often. The 300m rating offers a great option for those looking for tad more capabilities in their diving watches and still wants to avoid anything that might seem an excess. The reinforced case back is chiefly responsible for its 300 meters depth rating and SLN X1 lume has been used to offer maximum readability at night. The sapphire glass doesn’t only protect but enhances visibility up to a great extent. There’s a blue and a black version to it.

3.Delfin Mecano
Dress up for the diving moments.

The double O-ring system and reinforced case backs were introduced by EDOX Icons some 60 years back and the new Delfin Mecano exhibits all of those but with a new, 21st Century twist. The legendary Water Champion in its new incarnation is eye-catching to say the least; its skeletonized dial exposing the automatic Calibre 853 movement underneath.

The Mecano, despite sharing the same characteristics as its predecessor, is not something you’d truly wear when you are going into the wild sea. It is more of a dress watch with proven diving capabilities so if need be, you can wear it fearlessly without expecting any damage. While the skeletonized face is not always considered to be the most legible of things; however, in dark, the Swiss Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 gives out enough brightness to facilitate a quick and clear reading, irrespective of you are above, on or under the surface level.

The Mecano, too features the 12-sided bezel (a distinctive mark of the Delfin series since the ‘70s), framing beautifully the blue-accented skeletonized structure underneath the sapphire crystal (also Swiss-made and reinforced for extra strength) and proves that while Edox continually pushes their boundaries of watchmaking technologies, they never neglect on the part of aesthetic beauty.

Delfin-Mecano This is why the Mecano receives the spoke-like structures on its dial, laid out in a way that doesn’t impede reading the time. At 43mm across and 12mm in height, the Mecano has an extraordinary wrist presence even for the days you’re clad in formal wear. The Edox Icons Delfin Mecano uses the Caliber 853 mechanical automatic movement, which is a modified version of the Sellita SW-200 movement, beating at 4Hz (28,800 vph) and a 42-hour power reserve on a fully wound mainspring. The sapphire crystal case back gives a view of the movement from its rotor side, which obviously makes it bit more esthetically pleasing. But well, the lack of a diving bezel doesn’t let it meet the ISO 6425 standard for dive watches but makes it a dive-ready dress watch if need be.

4.Edox Skydiver ‘70s

New slice from the old cake!

Edox Skydiver ‘70sLet’s not get into the technicalities right at first. Let’s just consider the Skydiver a beautiful, vintage-themed series of watches that win hands down the hearts of watch lovers everywhere, also because – as EDOX claims – it is hand-assembled and inspected, The Skydiver is certified for activities 1000 meters (1 km) under water. That means, theoretically, you can dive till the end of the Twilight Zone or the beginning of the bathypelagic layer. You need to crack the condition HPNS (High Pressure Nervous Syndrome), however; before you decide to go all the way. Now begins the tech side. Among many-a-watches that are told to have emerged as a part of some secret project or the other, the Edox Skydiver is a piece that seems to be truly made as per the specs required by military paratroopers as the watch-lore goes. That means, it can withstand extreme conditions in air, on land and under water; even if you are diving from an aircraft straight into the sea. The Edox Skydiver and its top readability are never going to fail you, stay rest assured about that.







.Edox Skydiver ‘70s The Skydiver, too, uses the Superluminova X1 lume, which seems to be too bright at times. The way it sets off with just a 5 minute exposure to Sunlight is awesome! That will keep glowing for the next one hour, but with diminishing intensity. This is not a watch for them who prefer more traditional dimensions. It’s slender (compared to outdoor watches) and borderline large (42mm/11.5mm) with some healthy weight coming from the grade of materials used. It is relatively compact when measured lug-to-lug and is incredibly comfortable to wear. The 2mm-thick reinforced, Swiss sapphire can withstand 426psi/pounds or 193 kilos/sq. inch of pressure; the amount you’ll face 300m underwater.

The backside of the Edox SkyDiver 70s surprises you in a pleasant manner with its nicely engraved paratrooper motif. So does the very solid, 60-click ceramic bezel and the presidential-style bracelet. It’s nice to see those polished center-links in it. The bracelet is well-made, supple and therefore, comfortable.

The Edox SkyDiver 70s is a very well-built watch; comes with an interesting backstory and an interesting movement, the
ETA 2824.   Click the link to read up about it.

5.Edox Skydiver Neptunian

Blessed by the Sea-God

Edox-Skydiver-NeptunianIt was only logical for Edox Icons to come up with the next installment in the Skydiver series – the Neptunian! In geology, it means – “ formed by the action of water.” It also means of or relating to Neptune – the God of the Sea (Greek: Poseidon) and that’s why the engraving of Neptune on the case back. This classic watch – almost half a decade following its first entry – receives a fantastic makeover. In its modern looks, it feels like a new watch inheriting the same roots. It’s an accessible watch that’s ultra-robust and comes fully equipped for the deep water sports.

The Edox Skydiver Neptunian is a highly water resistant watch, built to function under pressures as intense as 648.37 kilos/sq. inch. At a depth of 1000 meters, that’s what you’re going face. Whether the 3mm thick reinforced sapphire or the stainless steel or the double gaskets, all are built to face that and return to tell the story.

Based on a rather mysterious 1973 special production introduced in strictly limited editions, the Edox SkyDiver Neptunian offers a lot many things for watch lovers to explore. According to an old, retired watchmaker once working for EDOX Icons, it was a project undertaken to supply dependable, rugged watches for the elite, mountain paratroopers of the Swiss Army. The brand had by then already established itself as a name in the realm of exceptionally water-resistant watches and so the story went. The very reissue surfaced with the SkyDiver Military Limited Edition, but that’s another story for another day. Our focus will remain upon the slightly more modern versions of the old secret project, which is by far more powerful than the rest in its league.

The classic dial of the Skydiver faces a fair bit of modernization and a ceramic boundary in the Neptunian. On the backside of the watchcase you find a beautiful engraving of the Roman god of the Seas: Neptune. The stainless steel case features special architecture for extra strength but measuring 44mm(d)/15.6mm(h) surely doesn’t make it a watch of classic dress proportions. It is built to last through adversities. It is well-conceived, well made and well-balanced in its use of materials and proportions.


Nice details make a large part of the SkyDiver Neptunian. These include the polished and brushed surfaces and the beveled edges on lugs, bezel, crown guards, crown, case, case back and the clasp and bracelet links. You can see it in the glossy black ceramic insert too, a fully-graduated 60-minute scale engraved upon it and a luminous insert for the zero mark. Together, not only they create a much more dynamic style than the original but also a great deal of enhancement on the perceived quality. However, instead of the Helium-escape valve sticking out from the side at 9, it sits flush with the case. It’s a smart decision from EDOX; a diver watch shouldn’t have anything that might cause obstruction with the activity.

Inside the case is the EDOX calibre 80, which is a modified

Sellita SW 200-1

 – A Swiss automatic, mechanical stock movement known for its durability and a superior build.

6. Edox Les Bemonts Ultra Slim Date

Just ‘slim’ isn’t the word!

Edox-Les-BemontsEDOX Icons answered the queries from the crowd always in the hunt for paper-thin watches through the Slim Ultra Date Les Bremonts. While not exactly paper-thin in its literal sense, it is hard to find mechanical watches this thin and those you’ll find are priced way above what us commoners might afford. The EDOX Les Bremonts offered a solution to those in search for subtlety and reliability at an affordable price.

Standing just a mere 9.2mm tall, it strikes us with awe that how EDOX Icons managed to create the Cal. 80 this thin, which is a Swiss Made automatic (mechanical) movement based on ETA 2824 / SW 200. It has a beat rate of 28’800 vph and a Power Reserve of 38hours when winded fully. Give your casual and formal dressing styles a new gift of gorgeousness.








The rest of the peculiarities and strengths of the Edox Icons brand are existing in Les Bremonts watch full tilt; whether it’s the construction principles or the quality of the components; ultra-complex architectures or protection measures, EDOX Icons proved it once again their mastery in the art of combining functionality with design without any resulting conflict.

The watch has an impeccable construction; also visually. It’s an incredibly sharp-looking watch, in the same league as with other great value yet affordable Swiss autos.

7.EDOX Les Vauberts

Utility meets formal simplicity

EDOX-Les-VaubertsThe Edox Les Vauberts Open Heart Automatic is not a watch that requires an endless trail of superlatives for recognition. Neither do words like gorgeous and stylish describe it fully. So we keep aside the adjectives; instead, a sincere look towards this Open Heart watch shall reveal why it is a piece that should adorn your wrist, sooner or later.

To start with, the watch honors the little Swiss village where farmers turned into watchmakers every year during winters. That’s where the story of Swiss watchmaking begins from.

For those who are new to the world of watches, open heart means the balance wheel (the heart; because it  beats) is visible through a window/cutout in the dial. Unlike most watches claiming portholes as open heart most of the times, the Les Vauberts keeps it between 10 and 3, stemming from the center of the dial where the hands mount the pivot. Read something more about the balance wheel  here .The movement that’s revealed through the cutout on the dial of the Les Vauberts is an Edox mechanical caliber. It’s named 85 and is a modified (for better) ETA2824. The latter is a workhorse Swiss-made stock movement about which you’ll find some links in the movement specs above. At the back of the watch is an etched figure of the little township, which the watch derives its name from. The rest of the Les Vauberts is a subtle presentation. There’s nothing that will suddenly jump into your line of vision or scream for attention. It takes time to grab your eyes and when it does, it does it well. The open heart shines only when you want it to.

But here comes the real point. It is not to be an everyday timepiece for the daily commuter availing public conveyance; neither two- or three-wheels. It is a go-to piece for times you are dressing up to attend a meeting; making a presentation or appearing for an interview. Its 40mm (across) polished stainless steel case is to hold the shine for a long time; the dateless, clean dial and bright silver hands and hour markings get enhanced readability from the scratch-resistant, sapphire crystal atop. A very cheerful, very friendly watch-face that’s adored everywhere!

Since you won’t be wearing the watch on a regular basis, you need to keep it winded. But you are advised to wear it every day for at least a period of 8 days, for a minimum of 8 hours every day. 30 days would be ideal. However, before wearing it for the first time, ensure that it’s fully winded.

The Les Vauberts fulfills the purpose behind attaining a fine Swiss watch with a refined and impressive movement. Lighter, with quite-a-bit lower profile compared to automatic watches at this price range and is a very appealing piece for them who like automatics but without the mass and heft of it. The lightweight build makes it feel no less substantial, as quite a few people might think. It’s a less burden to swing around for an entire day.

Summing Up:

The EDOX Icons watches we spoke about above have a few points in common. Irrespective of the model, each has its own technical advantage. Whether the burly Skydiver or the suave Delfin or the somber  Vauberts or  Bemonts, they are built to resist higher physical pressures and impacts compared to the rest in their respective classes. They have been designed and manufactured to beat any conventional watch any given day. The stainless steel and the sapphires are stronger and thicker, the case backs resulting from complex engineering concepts. It’s not just the double crown seal. It’s their highly impressive water resistant construction that grants the EDOX Icons watches an advantage over others by blocking every form of external influences from reaching and affecting the movement inside. Shocks, dust, water, humidity, mud, sand – even air! Only helium can seep through but worry not, there are escape valves to take care of it.

Edox Icons watches can survive through generations irrespective of whether they have been abused or not over the years. A great example is the legendary Edox Delfin; the 1960s productions still beat well!



Who makes/owns Edox watches?

EDOX – full form Montres Edox et Vista SA – is a Swiss luxury wristwatch manufacturer with its operations decided and controlled by the Era Watch Company.

Is Edox an old company?

Edox was founded in Bielin 1884, by Christian Ruefli-Flury, a watchmaker from Grenchen, Switzerland. In 1921, after his death, Edox turned into a wristwatch manufacturer and has since achieved quite a few notable heights. Edox has never stalled its production ever since their founding; not even during the quartz crisis.

Are Edox truly Swiss?

Edox is a family owned watch-making company in Biel, at the heart of the Swiss Jura, designing watches that are unique and perfected for their intended use.

How good are Edox watches?

Edox is one of the hidden wonders of the Swiss watch industry. The brand gets a lot of things right and offers something every now and then that’s a bit off the beaten paths.

Is Edox a luxury watch?

Edox is a upper mid-tier luxury watch brand, respected for its high-quality products that are backed by 130 years of watchmaking heritage.

Are Edox sports watches?

Edox also makes sports watches besides divers and dress watches, including skeletonized watches and crossovers.

Does Edox use self-designed movements?

Edox uses automatic and quartz calibers with proven track records from the leading, Swiss movement suppliers. Thus, increased reliability and a better access to spare parts are a privilege you get with every Edox watch offering an excellent quality and longevity.

How accurate are Edox watches?

Edox Chronometer watches (mechanical and quartz) comply with COSC ratings while other watches get an average of +12 seconds a day.

Does Edox offer a good value?

Although lesser known than other Swiss watch brands, the build quality, price, and style of Edox watches compete with the popular ones, making EDOX equal in value with TAG and Omega.

Why are Edox watches cheaper than other Swiss watches?

Edox creates their exteriors with the same grade of materials that other upper-mid-tier Swiss watches do but they use stock movements from renowned Swiss watch-movement manufacturers. This helps them to keep their prices down.

How well do Edox watches hold to their value?

With EDOX, quality is great but brand recognition is not as much as a Rolex or a Patek. But EDOX are a lot of bang for the bucks spent considering the price points. You must understand that it is not the kind of luxury watch that promises quick, huge returns. The Edoxis one investment that is meant to be appreciated over time. With proper maintenance (daily wiping it clean and servicing every few years), you can save a large percentage of their value.

Whom does Edox target?

EDOX Icons targets racing entusiasts (land and water) and extends its repertoire to serve the fashionable, dynamic crowd into aviation and Hollywood-lifestyles.

How reliable are Edox watches?

EDOX is primarily known for their reliable water-resistant timepieces, which are equivalent to any high-end Swiss diver watch. Other offerings from this upper-mid-tier luxury brand have also proved their mettle in their respective lines of work.

What makes Edox Icons special?

EDOX Icons created the first crown system with tension/ double-O’ring system; they were also the first to introduce double case-backs and set new standards of shock and water resistance.

Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which one from the above watches you’d like to go for the most and reasons behind it. 

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