[A Quick Recap]

Now that pocket watches are more of a luxury or exotic option rather than a necessity or a norm, it becomes all the more important to make sure its placement doesn’t make you look like a poser when you just want to strap on a waistcoat, throw on a pocket watch and stroll through the cobblestoned alleys of urban fashion.

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Importance of choosing the right pocket
Suit or jeans, the pocket watch should sit in the specific pocket for its safety, beauty and accessibility. The most chosen ones are breast pocket, the front pocket and the watch pocket (in jeans). When opportunities – though rare they are – arrive to wear a pocket watch, you can avoid that feel of anachronism coming around to cover which, displays of unnecessary affectation make the dress-up seem more like a dressing-up session. Pocket watch and waistcoat Gold pocket watch with roman numerals in the pocket of a waistcoat pocket watch vest stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Choosing the front pocket
pocket watchesIn this case, you’ll place the watch inside the pocket, the chain threaded through the middle buttonhole of your suit.man posing with elegant pinstripe suit and all the accessories model on an orange background with classic dress complete with striped tie, handkerchief in the pocket and pocket watch pocket watch vest stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Even for the T-bar; it’ll hold the chain in place. A fob can be placed in the internal pocket of a suit jacket; or you may let it hang loose. It depends upon its size and whether it feels secure to wear it that way in your immediate environment. Better to clip and fasten the end of the chain to the trouser loop; or, at similar other appropriate, secure spots.
Next, the Breast Pocket
pocket watches
This will require threading the T-bar through the lapel button-hole. Then, place the watch in the breast pocket of your suit. Even if there are alternative fastenings, it is mandatory to thread the chain through the button-hole. The fob should go into your internal jacket pocket or clip to the shirt breast pocket.
What if your suit is not three-piece?
In simple words, it doesn’t include a waistcoat. Double-breasted coats pull off pocket- and wrist-watches with equal ease; for the single breasted, the chain is attached through your suit-jacket’s buttonhole, with the watch free to be slipped into the jacket’s pocket. Else, you may use a belt loop chain to attach the watch to your trouser belt loop, while putting the watch safely in your trouser’s pocket.
pocket watchesNow, with a shirt
Less formal occasions that require neither suit jackets nor waistcoats, a pocket watch can still be worn. Chain it to the lower buttonholes or to one of the belt loops. Slip the watch into your trouser pocket.
With jeans this time!
A formal occasion is not must to wear a pocket watch. You may add a classy twist to your smart-casual outfits; especially, with jeans. Here comes the difference. blue denim jeans with brown leather belt With suits and smart casuals, you got to stick to the traditional analog forms; with jeans and sports casuals, even handheld digital sports watches go. For example, a Casio digital watch that hangs from a thread! On the flip side, perhaps the Apple concept pocket watch goes with all! You don’t need to worry whether this look will work but certainly, you’ll worry if you are taking it out in the wild.  Its larger face speaks of a simple design that is particularly ornate when you choose the right backgrounds and layouts. To wear a pocket watch – analog or digital – with jeans, simply attach the end of the chain to your belt loop or loop the lanyard around it. Tuck the watch into any of your jeans’ pockets, not necessarily the tiny one above your front pocket.
What are some other ways to wear pocket watch?
Let’s get into that straight:
  • As a pendant: Some people choose to wear a pocket watch around their neck. This works best with smaller and lighter pocket watches. The same dressing styles as in casuals and sports casuals. This style is not meant for formals and smart casuals. The cord or chain should be designed to be worn around the neck and must not cause abrasions or skin allergies.
  • On your belt loop: Strictly for digital watches. It should be securely clipped to the belt loop or wherever you find it to be the most convenient. Even on an armband! Or, you may thread the chain/cord through the shirt buttonholes and let the watch hang outside your clothing. Could be the metal ring on your cargo shirt or trousers.
Drop a reply stating how you would like to wear your watch and which brand you’d prefer most while selecting a pocket watch.