The history of the wristwatch as we know it today tells a fascinating story, and it is one that reminds us that watches were originally strictly for professionals. Having emerged as novelties for ladies in the late 19thcentury – a gentleman would wear a pocket watch, of course – the benefits wearing watches on the wrist came to the fore with the onset of the First World War. Soldiers fashioned bracelets to attach pocket watches to so that they were more practical, and the genre was born.

Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Mens Watch
Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Mens Watch

The first prominent watches for men were made for the military, and the basic, clean and functional design is still with us today. The round face, clear markings and uncluttered layout formed the basis for the classic military style watch and soon there were more groups of professionals who saw the benefits of the wristwatch. The early part of the 20th century coincided with the growth of aviation as a real and practical form of transport. Aviators recognised the need for an accurate watch, just as seafarers had sought a similar device for planning at sea some centuries before.

Take a look at a classic aviator style watch today – the Citizen Promaster Sky EcoDrive NightHawk is a superb example of the genre and features many of the functions that are vital to today’s pilots – and you are seeing a modern incarnation of an enduring classic that has its roots in watches from a hundred years ago. The same requirements of accuracy, practicality, durability and ease of use still rule the design today, and there are many of these superbly styled – and very trendy – aviator-type watches to choose from.

Of course, it is not just those with high-flying jobs that need a watch for work; those of us who have mundane, day to day jobs can also benefit from a good timepiece. Alarms have become commonplace on modern men’s watches and calendars are almost ubiquitous, while a stopwatch can be a very useful addition in many walks of life. Watches are, after all, designed primarily for practical purposes, and to do a simple job first and foremost – to tell the time.

The sheer variety of different types of watches means that everyone, in any job, can find one that will help them to carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively. Check out the range available at Creation Watches for an idea of what’s on offer.