• January 29, 2015
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In this review we shall see the ProTrek giving G-Shock a run for their money. The G-Shock series’ tight grip on the extreme sports arena shook a bit with this Protrek’s coming into the scene. Nobody’s telling that it will put the G-Shock in an absolute state of lockdown in future, but yes – the G-Shock now has a worthy rival. Us, watch lovers, shall bask in the heat of the battle.

Words were around that Protrek was about to unleash something, marking a difference in the ways we go for outdoor adventure and change outlooks – to a fair bit. The watch is built to turn even the regular morning jog appear as aspiring as moving through a trail. A more-than-trustworthy, comely companion, this one is fit for you if you are fitness-obsessed, into climbing sports and everything in between.

Here are a few points that might seem interesting and a short summary of everything it is.

Firstly, it’s imported (i.e. JDM); next, it has an ALTIMETER that also tells you the time you’ll need to climb a height; there’s a COMPASS that displays an angle value and its  a direction indicator and four pointers change real-time when you move. The BAROMETER predicts rise/fall in atmospheric pressure and helps foretell weather. Specs and features are given here; all that Triple-sensor technology, solar-charging, thermometer and atomic timekeeping! All I am bothered about is whether it wears well on the wrist and can walk the walk when time comes. Also, it should not give away once its job is done.

It’s surprising how un-hindering this Protrek is despite its weighty presence! The carbon fiber band, ostensibly, seems to go on living forever. Doesn’t react with sweat. Highly user-friendly and I say that for the altimeter and compass, both getting their own buttons.

There are also a few small touches Casio gave to the Protrek Atomic; for example, the hand shift making the hands retract automatically when the digital display is engaged. It’s useful and also a bit of a show, at times.

How do the gadgets in the watch function? Both for rapid ascending and descending elevation, the altimeter works decently. For slow ups and downs, its reliability is an impeccable one. Say, in an elevator, the altimeter here will run in like the seconds in a digital watch. The compass; however, is spot-on accurate and fast.

The watch is one step short from being a favorite to seasoned adventurers and that’s because for this reason. If you are skiing and the slopes are real steep, it might not keep up to the pace. If you are going nice and slow and easy or moderately fast, it will be a smart and a solid workhorse.


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