• September 5, 2014
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Mark the name – Casio Computer Co., Ltd. If it is so, then all that you can expect are highly  complex electro-mechanically operated gadgets that might not work just as broadly as your PC or smartphone but shall flawlessly commit for the purpose it is built. Buyers have the right to expect their purchases live up to the nomenclature while the price not shooting excessively high. It is fair to expect that conformation from Casio. Both their accuracy and durability standards are too high for some mere fashion.

So the EDIFICE Marine Line metal watches – still blending speed with intelligence – evokes a sense of primal energy at the face of high waters. Your water park frolics are kind of an insult to it. Get it out in the real sea, Sun and sand; let its marine spirit come alive!

Its striking appearance in blue and black creates a dynamic form without sacrificing intricate detailing, though at the core of it are its functions that advanced technology drives. Uniquely designed hands and dials back that up nicely. But IMHO, forget all that – it brings the reminiscence of the deep ocean. There’s blue and black plenty!

Sticking to Edifice’s basic principle, these too have evolved through the power of electronics and is not just a diving watch anymore. It helps you to better your racing time both on the ground and on the water. Despite its deep connections with water sports or sports in general, it slips in effortlessly as a workwear that doesn’t look odd with a business suit. Or with light formals. It’s built for the Summer but worn throughout the year.

It’s an intelligent decision by Casio to add an anti-reverse rotating bezel; that way, you save the money for a serious diving watch that lets you know your oxygen reserves. You tell that by simply rotating the bezel (clockwise) till the ‘60’ is in-line with the minute-hand. That’s the count starting from zero. By the time the hand shifts by 180o, you know it’s time to go home. In simple words, it will let you observe how much time has elapsed. The anti-reverse function saves you from meddling up the count; it is insured against accidental spinnings. Got the drift?

Whikle at this price range most watches blatantly derive from each other in every respect – from features and functionalities – this one at least has a form pretty much different from the others. No fictionalized histories associated, a worthy choice for anybody looking for a simple chronograph that both works and looks well. One more thing: There are not many that look peppy in a fomal demeanor; if you want to stay away from garish, peppy colors in the name of sport, this is what it should be.

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