Seiko Premier Automatic Mens Watch
Seiko Premier Automatic Mens Watch

Seiko has long been a premier player in the quality wristwatch market and any model from this highly regarded company is of interest. With a range that offers a great choice of styles and options there is plenty to choose from, and today we are taking a look t the SSA021J, a very attractive men’s dress watch.

The SSA021J is typically stylish and well made and is designed to attract attention. Drawing influence from traditional styles, this is a watch that features a number of neat touches that make it stand out from the crowd. Available with a choice of strap options, we like the understated classic-look stainless steel bracelet that matches the case beautifully, although for those who like a leather strap the black version is particularly attractive.

But it is the white face with Roman numeral numbering that is the truly classy touch. A clever cutaway gives a view of the movement – automatic and precision made as is the case with Seiko watches – while a separate secondary dial records the hours on a 24-hour scale. There is something very appealing about this layout and, while not a new idea, it offers added versatility and looks great.

In terms of specification the SSA021J features a fully automatic movement, Seiko Watch designating this one as 4R39 caliber, and the watch also features hand winding and hacking for added versatility. The glass is sapphire crystal and offers excellent clarity and strength, and the watch is a 100M water resistant design. It may be simple in concept but this is a timeless design – forgive the pun – that will never age.

Is it the watch for you? That depends upon your choice of style and what you require from a watch. Make no mistake that this is a quality watch from one of the best known makers in the world, and one that is designed to be traditionally stylish and good looking. We prefer it with the matching silver bracelet rather than the leather strap, but that is a matter of personal choice.

At 41mm – excluding the crown – the Seiko Automatic Watch SSA021J is a large watch that is clearly designed for dress wear, but it is equally at home with a casual outfit and does not feel cumbersome on the wrist. Comfortable and typically accurate, it will serve you well if you are looking for a classy, inexpensive yet top quality analogue wrist watch that can be worn anywhere you might choose to go.