Ratio watches: Striking a perfect balance

There are many among us who are not divers. And still many who do not have anything to do, professionally, with the deep sea. But, for some strange reason, I find them attracted to dive watches and spending quite a bit of a fortune after them. Needless saying, a large chunk among them is disappointed with their purchases.

I would like to keep bigger brands like Omega, Tag Heuer and the ubiquitous Rolex out of this equation. Here, we are focusing just on the important criteria that are important. This is about the movements, the materials and their finishing and of course, about their price.

Anyone who has realized to move past their adolescent Frogman fantasies will immediately get what I’m getting at, though I never mean to say the Casio Frogman is a bad choice. Its problem is its too professional; way beyond what a commoner like me would expect.  Apart from pro-level divers, nobody is wearing them anymore! If you are a Marine or into some life-saving job, Gonzo dictates – Go for one with your eyes blindfolded!

But what if you are not? In that case, an ultra-pro watch like the Frogman won’t make you anything other than a poser! Should you like to own something that offers a greater safety against the marine conditions and still not make you look like a buffoon, you must take a look at the Ratio collection! Some of them bear a thousand meters of water-resistance; backed by the safety of helium-valves and still don’t appear a monstrosity on your wrist within casual, social settings! It would be heartening rather than hurting to see you lumping into the group who know what’s on your wrist. Those of you who have gotten over the ‘super pricey means better’ mindset will definitely merit a second look. At least, from Gonzo!

The Ratio watches, on this context, are a more reasonable choice! They sure got no history to share (just like the big brands out there when they started) and therefore, pose no restraint. From my own observation, the brand is headed for better days, since you really can’t go wrong with any of the Ratio lineup. The watches meet most, if not all, your criteria for a solid, reliable piece and what really sets them apart from one another is their great looks and features for their price. No doubt there is a fairly high amount of variation between of colors and features between the models but they are surely going to make that splash!

Forget everything else; a Ratio diving watch is going to give you more pleasure whether you are to wear one or looking at it; it’s a wiser investment than a trendy quartz, knockoff piece was made!


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