Wow, Orient! I love you! You gave me some great ways to get my wrist adorned – if not accustomed to dress watches – for so less!

All right, readers; listen up! There haven’t been too many reasons lately to say – “Thank You”; so now I just want to say – :”Thank you, Orient; for bringing me the slew of dress watches this time for specific events”.

That said, you must now be wondering – or just want to see – what it is like to wear one from this new lot (I already picked two of my peak favourites but fret not; there are more in the stock) without breaking your bank. The selection of dressier options, this time, is pretty vast! Anyone in a bind and in need of a dress watch shall find heaven here; whatever might be your taste in dressiness, you will agree that there are watches beyond the Bambino.

These classic looking automatics are three-handed date-showers no doubt but also a step more complicated with an extra hand telling you how tightly wound is the mainspring currently. Still, the extra pinch doesn’t pinch your wallet!

Designs and dimensions for the Star Power Reserve series are readily visible; you don’t need Gonzo to spell out how spectacular they are. What makes them truly great are their attention to details and the quality of the movement used that’s not typically found at this price point. The domed crystal retro vibe is a rare phenomenon as well and provides no end of delight.

The 40N52 movement belts out a refined feel – to be very plain – the kind that comes from much more expensive timepieces. Unexpectedly smooth, with satisfying clicks with every pull of the crown – it feels awesome when compared to the tinny feel common with such low priced watches.

The power reserve collection is where people with varied tastes unite. Unbelievably accurate, the Orient Caliber 40N52 with 22 jewels is a movement that exclusively serves Orient’s luxury lines. This is where the Classic designation truly proves itself; the in-house automatic movement offering everything that you may wish for, including hand winding and hacking.

Even after all that you find yourself asking why you should perhaps go for these watches, my humble opinion: For the vintage and classy look with an awesome performance that leaves nothing to guesswork. Not a single portion of this watch that is boring and the exhibition case back jas a major role to play in that! Fashionable and elegant, it helps to design your dressing sense with a superior versatility. In simple words, they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! With a straight 40 hours of power reserve, things really can’t go below that. Exquisite elegance; it makes them real keepers!

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