Automatics or light-powered quartzes – well, let’s admit there are the best and the worst from the categories and auto- and mecaquartz, the categories in between; I hold appreciation for only the best. There’s enough bigotry in this world; let’s not add more to it. Every reasonable, logical and rational human approach towards 10 or more years of flawless service without maintenance is a part of the fine art of timekeeping and is worth a look.

Certainly there shall be some minds that are blindly fanatical towards finely-tuned and – if possible – hand-winded mechanicals;Seiko Pilot's Solar Alarm Chronograph Flightmaster SSC013P1 SSC013 SSC013P Mens Watch else, an automatic. They romanticize watches every moment and always boast about one watch that is ‘purely fun and functional’. We have seen a couple of such souls here in the MadAboutWatches Blog, but several favorites – if the pockets permit – just allows you to live up to your moods! Stepping out of a set formula is often fun. Like this time.

Say the solar or kinetic quartz watches. Mechanical purists don’t do well with the ideas, but by today’s standards, they are twice as tough and good looking and half as expensive than those with the Genève mark. I got nothing against Genève, by the way; but I’m also bit against making it commonplace with everyday use. Unless, of course, you’re driven to work in a Merc. When it’s about a true beater watch, personal preference – with the exception of the venerable Seiko 5 – shall go towards a solar or a kinetic. Both use self-generated electricity as the energy to run but Citizen is longer into the self-powered watches business than Seiko, but the latter’s Seiko Astron GPS Solar SBXA019 Mens Watchwonderful creations such as the Astron are a stark contrast to the statement. In a short-time, Seiko has come up with better versions of their light-power technology – however, they should have done that being the inventors. Citizen built a fail-proof system out of the concept first but Seiko was the originator. You decide, who’s better then. Don’t forget to include the designs, the features and their usability in the comparison.

Anyway, we drifted from the main course. Back to the Kinetic.

Kinetic, once again, is a Seiko invention and fairly recent and a large rotor inside winds the motor to create electricity. In automatics, the rotor tightens the coils of the mainspring. Its earlier models had issues; the modern kinetic movements are all about a top-notch, reliable performance.

See the difference here? It’s not necessary to wear a light-powered watch to keep it well-fed; with a Kinetic, it is. Unless you are well into the habit of watch wearing or between decisions whether to go for a quartz after wearing your automatic for too long, you’ll be safe with the Solar and the Eco-Drive.