Gonzo goes Diver!

Q. Hey Gonzo!

I want to go for a real pro-Diver watch and I mean real PRO! Which one should I go for? I have around 3K to spare and don’t tell me there’s nothing worthwhile for that money like some would say. I don’t care if it’s a Prospex or a Marinemonster, just pick me a good one.

A. Child, as painful as it may be to admit, but you are lost! And my fullest sympathies with you! I believe you cashed your manners too; however, I have mine so I will answer your question. This doesn’t mean I’ll pick you a good one. For, you won’t be able to appreciate my pick. My firmest belief you never dared beyond the luxury swimming pools or maybe, even the poolsides, so I’m not wondering why you might need one. Still, I’ll try to prepare you a bit for the watches.

Firstly, learn the names. Seiko Prospex is a class of divers with Marinemasters (not monsters, which are a separate class of Divers altogether) and Scuba (here’s a pic) as its sub-serieses. Marinemasters are Seiko’s final thoughts on the dive watch design while Scuba look more casual but has more numbers of underwater pro-specs. But they are technically lesser than the Marinemasters. However, the Scuba has a smaller case-size and are more versatile in their use. The best budget tool watch – that’s the Scuba! IMHO, stick to the Scuba line for the time being. To be more specific, stick to the Sumo (it’s just a suggestion. You don’t have to go by it).

This part of the Prospex (sounds the same as Pro-specs) line is quite dressy, compared to the Diver-standards. I guess that’s why you are looking for a Diver primarily, but I hate to suggest someone a desk-diver. Hence, the Sumo.

Each of the Seiko “Sumos” SBDC001, SBDC003, SBDC005 and SBDC007 is a total package of all the essentially desirable things in a Pro-diving watch; so they are good choices for you. Agreed that you won’t be able to admire them the way a dedicated haute horlogerie collector would, but over time – with my earnest prayers – you will.

But still, look what you are getting before you jump to any conclusion. Any watch goes high in status if there’s an in-house movement (why, you can learn later; for now, just get it hard-wired into your brain) and the Sumo-s got that (the 6R15 caliber; self-winding w/ hacking). Diver watches are famous for their glow and Seiko’s Lumibrite does that better than many of the other more expensive kinds. These are antimagnetic and feature screw-down crowns (you get double protection against damage), bezels that rotate and till 200m (which I hardly think you’ll ever go) you are safe.

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