So we had Invicta-s and now, we have Stuhrling-s. This is sure to delight the bunch who are looking for an affordable way to go Swiss; much more affordable than Tissot-s and Hamilton-s. Surely enough, you do not hesitate even once wearing one of them when you are taking the public conveyance. If one breaks, you can always go for another and it doesn’t hurt you as much as the other two.

It is becoming incredibly difficult to ignore Stuhrling as a brand. Currently, their roster includes some incredible timepieces you’d love to just dive right-in. There’s surely something that makes the Stuhrling watches tick, but there are a couple of them that received really high ratings from the CW team. Even Gonzo pinpointed why they deserve to be spoken about and his inclination towards classic analog is just one of them.

Out of the lot, it’s the Classic Winchester that caught our attention first. The predecessor of the Winchester Tempest II (keep watch; we’ll soon come up with a review on the same) is an automatic with a skeletal design that looks incredibly bold and formal. At the same time, it comes up as a watch that fits into just any occasion sparing wild rock concerts and blingy hip-hop nights. Otherwise, it is meant for the times and places where you need to mix class with convenience.

Some complained that it is bit thicker than other Swiss watches but there’s no rulebook that watches always need to be on the slim side every time. If a thick design can work flawlessly, it gets the vintage appearance all the more. The Classic Winchester is therefore, a watch that is worth every penny.

The next one that caught our attention is the Stuhrling Concorso Original. A quartz watch with a very mechanical appearance to it, the Concorso falls into the sports/luxury sector and is every bit worth to be worn with a suit. A very satisfying combination of professional and formal features; with a battery change every couple of years, it’s going to serve you for a very long time. Its analog display is a wonderful one, featuring sub-dials for the day, the date and a 24-hour sub-dial, which is a nice deviation from the oh-so-common chrono. Sleek and beautiful, its synthetic sapphire crystal further adds to its durability. As for the tachymeter, you can use it if you have really sharp and quick eyes but otherwise, it just enhances the aesthetics.

Overall, Stuhrling watches make for an excellent combination of affordability and luxury but surely do not carry the same prestige like the Rolex. But none can perhaps point a finger towards its modern designs and the high-grade materials, which give you the feel of assurance of getting what you paid for. For a casual watch-wearer, the Stuhrling earns a solid rating, both on wrist presence and cost.

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