Tissot T-Touch Watches
Tissot T-Touch Watches

Tissot T-touch watches are known for the most amazing use of ultra-modern technology, functionality, toughness and beauty. Tissot T-touch watches offer highly specialized features and functionality at the fingertips of the wearer. These features and functions include an altimeter, chronograph, compass, alarm, thermometer, barometer, time and date – just about everything you would possible need while camping in the wild.

Features, Tough body, Functionality and Beauty

Gone are the days of drab watches. The makers of the Tissot T-touch watches believe that beauty should be part and parcel of the functionality of the watches they manufacture. With that in mind, Tissot T-touch watches come in a variety of colors and combinations.

The one unifying feature of the T-Touch Watches is their patented touch screen technology and the eight very practical and high-quality functions. So whether you love the Tissot T-touch watch with the polished titanium dial or the one with a unique 18k rose gold finish; they are all water resistant up to 30 meters. There is absolutely no compromise on quality of Tissot Watches. Perhaps, it for this reason that Tissot T-touch watches enjoy such a distinctive relationship with NASCAR.

Official timekeeper for NASCAR

NASCAR required timekeeping that was simply perfect. Despite a wide choice of top quality watch manufacturers, NASCAR chose Tissot and with good reason too. The Tissot NASCAR watch brings the exact level of precision necessary to qualify as a watch that can be worn by a sportsmen or sportswomen. The Tissot NASCAR watch features a bold chronograph that is amazingly accurate up to 1/100th of a second. The constant hand movement of the sportsperson required that the watch stay in one place on the wrist. To achieve this, Tissot NASCAR watch makes use of bold rubber wrist straps that could be matched to wearer’s favorite sports team. The Tissot NASCAR watch was available in titanium and stainless steel versions.

Tough Tissot T-touch watch for the Tracking Enthusiasts

A tracking enthusiast needs a watch that is build to last; one that can withstand sever shocks, excessive moisture, cold temperatures and maybe even a shallow water dive in some wild rapid. The Tissot T-touch tracking watch is all that and more. It sports a compass, thermometer, barometer and watch hands that glow well in the dark.

Tissot T-touch Expert – a watch for the Pros

Tissot T-touch Expert is a watch that was crafted to bring together taking into account the competitive nature of sports and the rugged elements of outdoor sports. The Tissot T-touch Expert is a watch that is deliberately extra-large in size. After all, if you are up in the mountains with your thick woolens, you need a large practical and functional watch and not a fancy one that you would have to squint at.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert is designed to be worn in tough locations – the kind of locations tough men go to. The Tissot T-touch Expert is designed for extreme conditions and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Each Tissot T-touch watch is highly resistant to corrosion and is extremely durable. The Sapphire crystal top is hard and can be scratched or cut only with a real diamond.