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There has long been a tradition in watch making circles that ‘Swiss Made’ indicates a quality item. Indeed, there are specific areas of law in Switzerland that are committed to protecting the image of ‘Swiss Made’ items. It is interesting that the term ‘Swiss Made’ is used, as most countries use the more familiar ‘Made in…’ format, and the term has become synonymous with watches. So what makes a Swiss watch? Is it one that is wholly made in Switzerland, or one made from components manufactured in that country? In fact, it is more complex than you might believe.

Calvin Klein Element Quartz Swiss Made Womens Watch
Calvin Klein Element Quartz Swiss Made Womens Watch

Swiss Made – the Definition

The Swiss are very protective of the relation between something that is Swiss Made and its associated quality, hence the laws of the land are specific in this detail. Mens Watch and Womens Watches are often labelled as Swiss Made, and sometimes erroneously. To be specific, for a watch to be considered Swiss Made it must meet the following criteria: the movement must be made in Switzerland; it must be cased in Switzerland; the manufacturer must carry out the final inspection in Switzerland. Such is the cache of Swiss watches, and it is why many overseas watch-makers have set up business in the country.

Swiss Movement – Not the genuine article

Many watches are labelled as ‘Swiss movement’; it is important to understand that these are not made and finished in Switzerland. Often they use a movement sourced from a Swiss maker, but they are cased up and finished elsewhere. There is no suggestion that many of these watches are not very high quality – indeed, the Japanese have become adept at making superb quality watches of late – but they must not be confused with genuine Swiss made watches. Values can be affected in such cases, and collectors understand the difference.

Choose Your Watch by Your own Preference

All of this talk of Swiss Made watches being exclusive may have led you to believe you must choose one with such provenance; in fact, at Creation Watches, we believe in choosing your watch by using your own personal preference. If you are not concerned as to where a watch was made then that is no problem, for there are superb watch-makers across the world these days. Style, looks and accuracy – and, of course, price – all play a part in your choice, and you should not be swayed by snobbery about where your watch was made. Buy to enjoy and you will make the right choice.

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