• October 27, 2015
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Take the Riseman as a solid, elaborate, technological tank that pleases the eyes! Or, to be more specific, the Riseman and to certain watch enthusiasts, it’s the best G-Shock till date!

A high-precision instrument that does lot more apart from telling or keeping track of time, the Riseman is an epitome of reliability when it comes to measuring barometric pressure, temperature, altitude and accurate weather patterns. Powered by light, there’s absolutely no chance of the watch conking out in middle of some crucial calculation.

Extremely comfortable to wear, the Riseman can stay on your wrist 24/7 and still you won’t be complaining about it, regardless of the weather. The overall feel speaks of the high quality materials, which make it both tough and unique. Call it battle-proven durability, if you don’t find a better descriptive term.

Undoubtedly, the Riseman can be called a milestone even among the G-Shocks. It uses module 3147 and offers both Metric and Imperial measuring systems. An excellent job by Casio, it reflects from the steel light button and the left sensor. On the left is the recessed red Altimeter button and is barely noticeable right at the first glance.

The chief advantage of the Riseman is, it displays the barometric graph (weather deterioration/improvement) together with the Timekeeping Mode. Alongside, it also displays day, date, year and both the battery strength and signal strength indicators. It is a great option when you don’t have enough time shifting to the barometric mode but want the reading anyway. It helps to stay in full command.

As for its accuracy, there’s no guesswork involved here. The watch receives radio signals automatically and adjusts itself for 5 times a day; for this, it depends on six atomic/radio signal emitting towers (hence Multi-band 6) all over the world (Europe, US, Japan and China). You can even do it manually; you just need to press the button.

Unlike many other ABC watches, the Riseman gives you two options to measure altitude; from the sea level or from a reference point that you can set. The latter; however, makes for a more accurate reading. The results are shown through a graph and moreover, there’s an altitude stopwatch with which, you track and store the height you have ascended or descended for a specified span.

Regarding the barometer, the red eye displays the barometric graph, which stays functional even in the timekeeping mode. Additionally, you can switch to the barometric pressure indicator signal that measures the barometric pressure as it fluctuates. Astonishingly accurate and very impressive; those with an affinity for knowing the weather in advance shall find this feature a lot handy.

But temperature reading! Not an accurate one when it’s atop the wrist; a fairly accurate one when off it for at least a few minutes. Depends on how warm the surrounding temperature is.

About the rest, World Time in 33 cities belonging to 29 time zones and an auto daylight savings time feature with 4 alarms, hourly time signals, power saving mode, chronograph and 24-hour countdown timer seals the deal.

Conclusion? It’s very hard to point down every aspect of the Riseman unless you are into the real field, but what stays on the surface is enough to get you going.

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