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While not particularly a fan of ana/digi watches, there are some you can’t really stay cold towards. That’s to say, the Tissot T-Touch didn’t make a lot of us jump with expectation; perhaps Tissot sensed that and the T-Touch Expert became a well-placed slam. One has to admit it’s one of those that make quartz watches cool; the rest we will talk about some other day. This one is less expensive given its built and overall quality and light years away from inferior, economy watches selling under (supposedly) big names. You may very well call it an ontogeny of a new fascination.

Certainly, one must not expect the level of time that Tissot spends for mechanical watch creation but the dedication stays the same towards the finish, as a whole and also for the components. In short, it leaves no ground for narrow thinking, but that’s not what you want to hear, for now. So, let’s go a little ahead.

By this time, you must have had cleared your dilemmas and quandaries on whether quartz-cuddling is going to dent your immense amount of pride you have as being a mechanical person. The lesson here is: Wear a mechanical watch when you (and those around you) take time to appreciate it, with a smile. Quartz, a different beast altogether, is for the times you are going through thick and thin. You appreciate it after an ordeal is over. Unless a mechanical is specifically made to withstand high degrees of abuse, they generally croak. So does quartz; however, comparatively lesser. So, no worries with a quartz watch, more so, if built with a specific purpose in mind.

However, at the back of the mind, there’s a feeling going around and it says meetings and parties are no more the monopoly of mechanicals. This one shall be as comfortable here as much as in the garage, in your yard and even in the hard wilderness. True, even some mechanicals can do as much, but probably at a price way higher than the T-Touch Expert. You may sure afford to buy one, but can you afford to subject a mechanical masterpiece to abuses (and a possible destruction?)? With the Tissot T-Touch Expert, it’s hardly a problem. Near-indestructible, it is the best quartz for the one-watch guys. For others, it’s sure to be one of the best quartzes in their arsenal.

What Santo says:

Ok, now some useful info. The T-Touch Expert is the 4th release of Tissot’s T-Touch line-up and is a well-rounded watch indeed! Bigger than previous T-Touch-es, it comes more refined this time. There’s an upgraded case and face (carbon fiber), the LCD screen is a larger and got some extra functionality. Operations are also smoother than before and also pretty much more manly looking.

So the lume has to be bright! And sharp. The T-Expert’s hands and markers are richly covered with this very bright lume-material, while the LCD screen has a red backlight behind. The compass on the bi-directional watch bezel is a handy tool for navigation.

Other things you can do are:

  1. METEO: Barometer and weather tracking
  2. ALTIMETER: Altitude and travelling rate (up and down).
  3. THERMO: Ambient temperature (off the wrist).
  4. CHRONO: Stopwatch/24-hour countdown timer
  5. ALARM

This complex and wonderful gadget is for the boy who would like to be the envy of the school yard or for a man who wants to go giddy at functionalities. Weekend or weekday, it goes for both!

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