For all the men out there who are looking for something very special to buy that special lady, take a look at this simply stunning watch, the Calvin Klein Element K5023416; this really is an amazing design, and one that comes from a designer fashion house that is never out of tune with the times. Seriously, though, have you ever seen a watch so simply amazing? It’s as if the CK brand has taken the basic idea of a watch and presented it as nothing other than a gorgeous, glorious item of jewellery; this is watch design that is as fresh as it gets.

Calvin Klein Element Quartz Swiss Made K5023416 Womens Watch
Calvin Klein Element Quartz Swiss Made K5023416 Womens Watch

The beautiful stainless steel bracelet – delicately engraved with the Calvin Klein logo – is a masterpiece of modern design, a gorgeous take on the classic, timeless bangle – and looks quite splendid on the wrist. The watch itself is almost reduced to a bit part, the pretty rectangular face with minimalist styling sitting within the bangle itself in a fashion that is original, innovative and utterly brilliant. This is designer watch-making at its very best, and it is a perfect among the Womens Watches for party season and beyond.

All of this is not to say that the watch is an irrelevance, far from it in fact; the timepiece itself uses a high quality Swiss quartz movement that is accurate and offers precision, and combines reliability with function in a fantastic case. With 30m water resistance this classy and extremely stylish watch comes highly recommended, and the silver face is as pretty as it gets. Calvin Klein Watches have produced a ladies watch that is at once great to wear and stunning to look at, while not leaving behind the purpose of the device – to tell the time. It is a classic of its genre, a seriously impressive take on modern watch design that is hard to match.

Usually the association with a designer brand is an excuse to extract higher prices for lesser quality; paying for the name is no unusual in fashion circles. Calvin Klein is a band that has a certain reputation for quality and style, and this great watch exudes both. It is also surprisingly affordable at just $175.00, which we at Creation Watches think is one of the best bargains of the moment. Ideal as a gift for a loved one, this is a watch that will be treasured forever, and one that is simply timeless in its execution.

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