• January 15, 2018
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The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Worldtimer Chronograph is fairly recent in its origin; unique, interesting, useful and complicated, all that makes it look great and of great use to people who need to move to and fro between different time zones.

Despite a very much mechanical look, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Worldtimer Chronograph is a quartz watch. It was the piece Hamilton demonstrated most enthusiastically at their pre-Baselworld presentation as one of their greatest collaboration watches; this time with aerobatic pilot Nicolas Ivanoff. This is why the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Worldtimer Chronograph has the classic Pilot look and a playful appearance and functions, which is evident from the way the hands move in an almost dance-like trot as you change modes and switch functions.

You can; however, never charge the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Worldtimer Chronograph for bearing a simple look. This is intended; its complicated face is one of its hallmark visual characteristics, the other one being its chunky case and heavy-set controllers/pushers and crowns.

The chronograph tracks time in 12 minute increments that are flawless and are easy to understand. Ivanoff’s contribution shows through the first four minutes on the chronograph scale marked in yellow; the type you see being used for freestyle aerobatic competitions. Beyond those four minutes, penalties are counted which lowers overall score for the contender. The chrono counts till 120 minutes, through the same sub-dial showing 24 hours time and AM/PM.

The world timer is a more prominent feature of the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Worldtimer Chronograph. Regular timekeeping shows the Home time while the chosen time zone chosen with the yellow-tipped central hand by pointing to the respective city (on the chapter ring) is shown on the sub-dial at 10. It also shows if it’s daytime or night at that particular time-zone. Pushing the chrono-pushers will move the central seconds hand to choose the city. For UTC time, press the pusher at 10 o’clock with the main hour and minute hands.

The sub-dial at 6 counts the regular seconds and displays the date through a cutout within it. It is a perpetual one i.e. you don’t need to set odd dates manually, including leap year. The dates never need to be corrected once set right.

The steel case of the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Worldtimer Chronograph is large, standing at 45 mm and water resistant for 300 feet. It is fitted with a rotating bezel marked with 5-minute intervals; it acts as a timer for any task you have in mind. It makes the watch quite an unusual one, with three different but related timing functions within a single unit; thanks to the caliber H-41e quartz movement. It is unique, innovative and exhibits a timeless dynamism.

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