T Touch Watch
T Touch Watch

Newly introduced, the new Tissot T-Touch Classic is a watch that is guaranteed to make you stop whatever you are doing and gaze at it in sheer admiration of its beauty.

All T-Touch watches are absolutely high-tech. The ‘Classic’; well, that’s not just high-tech. Tissot has taken the T-Touch watch and dressed it up for an occasion and called it the ‘Classic’. It is a watch with brains that now has sheer elegance, appeal and beauty added to it.

Essentially, Tissot Watches took the Racing-Touch (introduced in 2011) gave it a mesmerizingly beautiful look. For sheer elegance, this has got to be the World’s most beautiful watch that a man can buy.

Unlike some watches out there that look like some kind of space tool that could launch and fly a rocket (and probably need a degree in rocket science to use it), the Tissot T-Touch is remarkably simple to use and engineered for any human to use with ease.

For those who do not own a Tissot T-touch watch yet, every Tissot T-touch watch is equipped with a pusher (usually located on the right side of the case). When you push the button, it “activates” the sapphire crystal and turns it into a touch screen (how cool is that?). You then press various areas to activate or adjust indicated functions that are listed around the periphery of the dial.

The pusher is required so that even if you touch the Sapphire crystal or it accidentally brushes against something, it does not activate some function on its own. The sensitivity of the Tissot T-touch touch screen watch requires this safety mechanism.

T-Touch watches come equipped with a main analog dial as well as a smaller digital one. The hands on the main dial readjust themselves to the function that is being performed. For example, the hands automatically rotate to resemble a compass needle when the watch is in compass mode.

Inside of the T-Touch Classic is an amazing Swiss quartz multi-function movement. It offers the time (analog and digital), compass, full calendar, tide chart, chronograph with split time and logbook, two alarms, two countdown timers and a second time zone. The main dial and the hour and minute hands do not have any florescent coating instead, the watch comes equipped with something even better – back lighting. Now if in the dark, you don’t have to turn the watch towards a light source for a better look at the time. The Tissot T-Touch Classic is human friendly to the extreme.

The Tissot T-Touch DNA is ingrained in the design of the lugs, bracelet, and the dials. Apart from fulfilling a very functional requirement, the pusher gives the T-Touch Classic a nice vintage look. Despite that fact that the Tissot T-Touch watch has so many functions, the dial is clean and uncluttered with only baton hour markers. The bracelet is a simple three-link design.

The T-Touch Classic case is all steel and is 42mm wide with a 20mm wide bracelet (for those who love leather, there is also a strap variant). The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Buying a Tissot T-Touch classic is like buying a Rolls Royce – you arrive in style. The technology and sheer elegance is breath taking. The Tissot T-touch classic watch is not just a watch – it’s a work of art.