This might sound ridiculous. As a watch-lover, I still don’t own any high-end dress piece from any globally renowned brand. I won’t put forth any excuse to back it up, except that I’m a little less deft in handling delicate beauties. What adds to the character in a workhorse spells different for luxury wears. I won’t wear gold with cuts and scratches. Not even polished stainless steel, or titanium or…whatever as long as it is dress. I shall always prefer simple elegance to be absolutely stainless, without a blemish.

That’s point number one. Next, my P.O.V on dress watches is a simple (minimalist; sounds better) dial design and a further simple case (rounded off the edges) and a kingly bracelet (or leather band). Damn good if it’s a semi-skeleton; excellent if fully skeletonized!

There’s the third point. There should be three! A formal, a classic and one jazzy! Skeletons are jazzy – full or partly. I’d like one in titanium/iridium/platinum mix with white gold PVD (or higher) in future. Since generosity doesn’t cost in dreams (till now at least), I’d also like a cabochon sapphire (a real one that is) on the crown. But the marriage can’t wait that long. Not mine, though; it’s of one of my direct cousins. I’m the eldest and though I have attended weddings in boots and leather jackets, this time I have boundaries. I also feel now wearing a large tech-heavy monster in a wedding is kinda weird.

There’s another reason too. There will be no boots and jackets; neither jeans nor cargos to go along this time. So, I must either leave all in the box or get a new one that goes with the traditional dressing. Since it’s a wedding, I dare to get jazzy. I like a couple of Orient Eminence-s line, with a delicate shine, overall. It is matured playfulness that keeps intact!  From classy to casual, it holds for all.

Some might ask why not the Seiko Cocktail? Well, it’s too formal for
wedding-type formal events; the name is in my wish-list but I don’t have too many places to wear that. I’ll rather put it in number two and try getting the Orient…………………….




Imagining a lady in my situation, I’d say nothing quite revs the beat as the ORIENT Happy Stream for elegant dressing. They integrate the latest trends and styles to create some glamorous pieces, which elevate existing styles, bringing a wider array of options. That’s better coordination for a variety of situations and dresses. Anyone from the line and it shall accentuate any attire you will be wearing. That translates to: Choosing is less hassle. Being chic, feminine and classy is not about prolonging decision-making in vain. The series ensures a real quick pick.

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