• December 7, 2015
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We’ve had the taste of the Tissot T-Touch Expert earlier but there has been nothing specifically discussed about the Expert Solar, apart from Gonzo recommending it once highly to someone. But this proper tool watch needs more than just a few lines to be told about.

To begin with, the T-Touch Expert Solar is an important new model that’s not directed to an entire populace of watch buyers. Instead, it is for specific buyers who know the best uses for a tactile watch; take pleasure in technology but without sacrificing the sophistication of clean lines and a sophisticated form.

Keeping aside solar power, an astonishing feature of the T-Touch expert is it packs in a total of 25 useful features. If you are into travelling, then the weather forecasting, the second time zone and the compass is going to benefit you highly. As for the altimeter, it’ll be up to your discretion.

Let’s go back for a while. Things have improved drastically since 1999, when Tissot came out with its first touch-screen timepiece collection. The Touch line redefined in a rather unique manner what a true tool watch must be in the digital age. Certainly, Tissot is not the first watchmaker that integrated tactile features into a watch, but when it comes to using the technology for specialized instruments, they surely are. That way, the T-Touch Expert Solar is tailored for the navigators, travellers and yes, mountaineers. That’s where Tissot honed its skills for the past 16 years; its unique touchscreen technology has gone beyond the concept of smartwatches.

If you are one of them with a penchant for forefront technology, you will easily toss the traditional timepieces aside for this one. A tool watch made for very specific buyers looking for specialized data; it’s enough in itself and doesn’t need extra gadgets like smartphones to maximize its capabilities. Self-sufficiency is the domain that Tissot rules.

Unpack the T-Touch Expert Solar and the lightness is going to take you aback. A tool watch should be less cumbersome and it qualifies in this department with ease. Titanium is good at keeping both heft and cheapness away. There is also an inherent toughness to it — it will go anywhere and outlive its wearer. The checkerboard layout dial is actually photovoltaic cells that catch the light and gives a very exquisite look from just any angle. The hands and indices are bold and therefore, easily perceived and match perfectly the band colouring, further portraying Tissot’s attention to details.

The 45mm size might sound overwhelming but it wears smaller than its actual size. The pliable silicone band adds to the comfort and that imparts a commanding presence to the entire watch when on the wrist. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a boardroom brawler, it gets in tune with both.

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