In many ways it seems that the men have it all their own way when it comes to watches. There is no doubt that there is more choice for men, but there are some excellent Womens Watches that can make an outfit just perfect. Whether you are reading this for advice on how to buy a watch for a lady friend, or are looking to buy a watch for yourself, there is plenty to know about ladies watches. Now, the first thing to consider is this: are you buying a watch for function, or for fashion? Also, are you looking for a cheap ladies watch, or something with a touch of class? It’s all about what you want, rather than what you need.

Casio Baby-G Analog-Digital Womens Watch
Casio Baby-G Analog-Digital Womens Watch

Jewellery is generally classed alongside watches, and for good reason: most watches resemble bracelets with an added function, and this is particularly so when we are talking about watches for women. Where men’s watches tend to be more rugged and aggressive, there are delicate touches available with ladies watches that can make them simply sublime items of jewellery.

Some brands have a great range of women’s watches, while others tend not to cater for the girls very well. Take Bulova, a maker with a superb range: the Bulova Diamond Case White Dial 98R13 is a beautiful design with a pretty lozenge shaped case and two tone straps – the hints of rose gold are particularly attractive – that could be worn anywhere. It’s a very beautiful design that mixes tradition with modern technology. For the more sporty women’s watch you might want to look at the Bulova Diamond Chronograph 96R19, a clever design that includes an accurate chronograph in a case that looks as chic and pretty as any other.

Talking of sporty watches, Casio was among the first to realise that women indulge in activities as well as men. The brilliant Casio Baby G Shock Watch range has been a massive hit with women who want to take on the men at their own game, and is very different and extremely innovative. These rugged but pretty watches are designed with both function and style in mind, which brings us back to the beginning.

Whether you want something that is pretty and feminine, or something that can help time your laps when out running, there are women’s watches at Creation Watches that you can choose from, and you can combine both style and function in one.