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Seiko Direct Drive Watches

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Seiko is technically impressive and the tech-minded can’t help but admit the Seiko kinetic direct drive watches rub them the right way. Seiko has put as much effort to make many of its contemporaries feel

the stymie pinch; the Seiko kinetic direct drive is the story of the brand’s rigorous quest for a better watch movements and esthetics. Paying attention to the details of the Seiko premier kinetic direct drive watches shall reveal every answer you might have towards both feature and quality and therefore, the expense. The impressive Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movement is the midpoint with the normal Kinetic movement at one end of the line and the Spring Drive on the other. It is quartz based, but with a rotor that works the way it does in automatics. The difference shows when winding the crown - the power reserve meter shows real time power generation. Full winding will keep you ticking for a month. The Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movement showed up first in the Velatura line and is a more upscale version of the plain Kinetic which didn’t show the real time power generation. Then followed the Seiko Prospex Marinemaster and Premier lines – if you are looking for moon-phase watches, both Velatura and Premier lines have some that will set your heart aflutter! These are masculine and slightly aggressive designs, fit for every walk of life. The Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive is the starting of Seiko’s higher quality, upper range timepieces with both classic and sporty, robust styles on offer. Vintage-style lugs or sharp-looking hands or even classy Roman numerals and textured dials – every Kinetic Direct Drive watch speaks of timeless sophistication, extreme durability and a topmost accuracy. Adorned with sapphire crystals and built to resist till 100 meters of water, with normal wear and abuse, they are bound to last a lifetime.




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