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AVI-8 Watches: An aura that sets you flying!

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AVI-8 watches are a new company from Dartmouth Brands and are based in Hong Kong. They come with specifications that exceed your expectations, considering the given price points. Despite their China base, they are all

powered by Japanese movements. All AVI-8 watches are the brand’s attempt towards honoring the British aircrafts and airmen of the Allied Forces, who gave themselves up – often by going down in flames - for the greater benefit of the world.

AVI 8 watches brought those incredible machines back to our memories and pride themselves in making quality aviation or pilots’ watches in automatic and mecha-quartz format and it’s a vast range they make for every type!  Affordable despite being very well-detailed, these English watches come with layered dials and are crafted beautifully.

Avi watches are engineered to reflect groundbreaking concepts in aviation! Avi 8 automatic watches are higher in their appeal since they got more to display, and AVI 8 has put their years of experience and technical know-how to create products that are not only good to look at but are also functional and built to last. An Avi 8 automatic or mecha-quartz is a stylish piece to gift and own.

Among the most popular avi 8 pieces, the avi 8 hawker harrier and the hawker hunter watch rules the roost; followed by the avi-8 hawker harrier ii analog watches. The watches are all named after the British fighter planes from the WWII era. Evident from their brightly colored dial designs and sharp, fail-proof readability, the Avi watches make for good, casual wears and hardy tools for work at the same time, both in and out of the cockpit.