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Thomas Earnshaw watches bring back the memory of the great English watch maker from the 1700-s for honoring and celebrating not only his name but also his creations. With unique hand-finishes accompanying all of them,

every Thomas Earnshaw watch becomes a personal timepiece that’s unique to the wearer alone. The Thomas Earnshaw Automatic Watches are inspired by some of the most famous chronometers designed by the watch maker, some used by Charles Darwin himself during his trip on the Beagle. Till today, they retain the legendary accuracy as devised by this pioneer in the field of horology. Today, whether it is the Thomas Earnshaw Men's Watches or the Thomas Earnshaw Ladies Watches, they are set out to make timepieces that allure connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Over time, the brand’s pioneering spirit has moved further along the avenues of the horological sciences; it’s their drive for excellence and expert craftsmanship that forms the very core of every Thomas Earnshaw timepiece. The Thomas Earnshaw Watches are elegant pieces that are refined and tasteful, crafted from the best of materials and given minute details that pay tribute to its olden spirit dating back to the times of Thomas Earnshaw himself. Available on both mechanical and quartz automatic configurations, there is a separate set of Thomas Earnshaw Watches that are distinctively Swiss! Choose from a range of chronographs, multi functions, moon phase and simple day-date configurations, ranging from the BEAGLE to the LONGCASE to the LAPIDARY. You will also find skeleton watches within the range, all so beautiful without the insane price tags that often follow such works of intricacy. Complete with such defining features like the Breguet-styled hands, vintage-like silhouettes and solid pushers that resemble a piston, every Thomas Earnshaw timepiece brings you back the memories of a world where analogue used to rule supreme!