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About Us started in 2006 in Singapore with one goal in mind – to provide a large variety of wrist watches and other dressing accessories to customers around the world at discounted prices through a top-notch service. Today, 700,000+ customers from 100+ countries lovingly acknowledge and endorse us as their most trusted retailer who offers only authentic watches and a limited number of hand-picked collections of authentic custom jewellery, charms wallets, belts, eyewear and writing instruments. Those apart, we also sell watch accessories.   

18 years since its founding, Creation Watches in 2024 is one of the bigger online retailers of wrist watches in the world. We have served hundreds of thousands of customers in 100+ countries who found our fast, free shipping policy particularly useful during the festive seasons, when work, personal life, family life and social life mix into an uneven lump. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is always ready to deliver with 50,000+ watches in stock, anytime you want! We are a team passionate about watches and that’s one of the reasons behind keeping prices low.

In 2017, the parent company REDSOL PTE LTD launched its own brand of watches – Ratio Watches – and the brand has been very well received by customers and watch enthusiasts since then. This happened without help from flashy, dazzling marketing strategies. We just stick to doing things well as much as possible; that’s the best marketing strategy we can think about.

We have big plans for the future including expanding the watch brands we carry, developing our brand Ratio Watches further in collaboration with Italian designers (we have new models being worked on currently) and venturing into other segments like cosmetics and skincare with the launch of under the RedSol umbrella.