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Ratio Straps your watch up! For good, for better

Note: Please make sure your watch strap width matches the lug width of your watch before buying.

Choose from our huge collection of hypoallergenic Ratio Watch Straps Online! Your wrist deserves a new look from time to time.

Popular Watch Straps

Why do you need extra straps?

As a crucial part of any watch’s overall aesthetics, the strap should match! Additional watch straps are for that. They are for times when you like a watch but you feel something is missing in it. Maybe it’s not so drastic; maybe you just want to change its present look. Or, maybe you want the watch to be a part of your daily routine but the strap it comes with isn’t going to do much good. The only way you can go about it is replacing the stock strap with a more appropriate one. Choose according to your purpose. That way, you may even pair a dress watch with your cargo shorts!
Or, you could just choose 7 of them; one for every day of the week. Here we bring you from the straps meant for rugged use to the ultra-fine ones that will go with your Mohair. Choose from trendy and stylish; classy, flamboyant or austere - Regardless of what your need might be, you will find at least one watch strap to suit you perfectly.

Straps we stock

NATO Watch Straps
The military use these straps made from nylon and come in a large variety of colors and designs. They are inexpensive, extremely resistant to tear and water and the best part about Nato watch straps is their price!

Leather Watch Straps
Classic leather is always the preferred material for the genteel society and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. In an urban life, you may wear them every day. Some are specially treated to offer water resistance and to last extra long. They are padded to offer added comfort in wearing. However, Leather Watch Straps are not meant for extreme outdoor conditions.

Rubber Watch Straps
Ideal to be paired with diver watches or watches that see a lot of dirt, mud, snow and slime; Rubber Watch Straps are built to be weatherproof and tough. The best material is Italian rubber and you’ll find them hear aplenty. You may say that rubber straps are a Creationwatches specialty!

Nylon Watch Straps
Nylon watch straps allow a quick swapping and fit any occasion and almost any watch, formal or casual; tool or sports - in both Standard (10 inch) and XL (11 inches) lengths. All NATO straps are made from nylon and offer the much-required comfort when you are in mud, sand or salt water.

Fabric Watch Straps
These superior quality Fabric Watch Straps in every possible color, texture, length and width are ideal choices when your watches with unusually colored dials need to match your outfits. They are anti-allergic and are often interwoven with nylon.

Silicone Watch Straps
These highly tensile, Silicone Watch Straps are stylish, colorful, comfortable and very, very durable. Ideal for use in the gym, at the playgrounds and sea, they will suit your any mood for any occasion. They are waterproof, washable and anti-allergenic and fit a wide range of popular sports- and smart watches of any lug width.

Denim Watch Straps
Our denim watch straps selection brings you the very best in unique, custom, handmade denim fabric straps for every brand of watch you’ll find showcased here. They are tough, washable and will hold through the years.

Resin Watch Straps
Resin Watch Straps are convenient and comfortable, fitted with stainless steel buckles and inert to most corrosive elements, they are cheap alternatives to the actual strap or bracelet it came with when you are about to hit the rough sides.

Polyurethane Watch Straps
Compared to silicone rubber, polyurethane watch straps exhibit higher strength and are less expensive. They are perfect for sports purposes, including diving and swimming and when you need comfortable and flexible choices to accompany you with any hazardous job. Their traits are a lot common with silicone and fit very well, bringing an athletic look.

Textile Watch Straps
The Textile Watch Straps are made from textile materials including nylon and denim and sometimes, even silk! They include hook and loop other straps alike and come in both as one piece and standard two piece watch bands in a vast range of sizes, colors and designs.