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Klasse14: Uniquely superior, unusually provocative

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Klasse14 watches are a testament to the specialty of the maker. Every klasse14 watch exhibits unique, avant-garde touches; minimal, simple elements often contradicting each other in their characteristics and colors, bringing a harmony amidst functional,

beautiful and pleasantly chaotic design philosophies. Every Klasse14 men's watch and klasse14 women's watch is a new, singular experience in never-seen before shapes and/or colors.
Klasse14 watches combine absolutely adorable designs with a broad range of specialty materials, which makes a klasse14 watch symbolize togetherness and positive connections; of celebrating the moments amidst people whom you value. They are bit more than just watches; irrespective of klasse14 men’s watch or klasse14 women’s watch; it will portray your fashion and lifestyle preferences – classic, modern, rugged and even futuristic!

The inspiration for almost all of them comes from the sky; the creator’s yearnings for freedom and exploring the unknown. Liberated in nature as a majestic eagle, it is the heart of the Klasse 14 watches. The hands, slightly curved upwards, resemble the wings in flight; a design attribute later named as Volare (fly). The concentric, dark colored circle is also a common trait of the Klasse 14 watches; they capture light from all directions and gives out a Sunray effect. This comes from another inspiration – the UFO –and named Disco Volante accordingly. The Klasse 14 watches are varied despite focusing upon one core concept and therefore, offer a watch for every preference, taste and occasion. They create a unique class of watches offering superior designs and stylistic elements at affordable price points. This intense diversity is the result of their in-house team – collaboration between artists and designers – putting forth their individual and collective thoughts, with unique touches to accompany. The novel, conical face-design stuck; it bends out of plane like moving in space while circling a planet.


Klasse14 Disco Volante White Dial Quartz DI16SR002W Women's Watch
PROMO DEAL Klasse14 Disco Volante White Dial Quartz DI16SR002W Women's Watch

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