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Seiko Ladies Diamond Watches

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Watches in the Seiko ladies diamond series specifically appeal to them looking for a dress or daily use watch but studded with diamonds. Most prefer gold (subtler shades) because it goes with both gold and

silver jewelry. Or, in that case, even white gold goes well. Needless saying deep yellow gold goes with heavy gold-only jewelry with or without precious stone setting or rose gold with the LBD. The Seiko Ladies Diamond watches mostly have the diamonds set in the bezels; next is dial and so forth into the bracelet or wristband. These are NOT chips (fine diamond dust glued together) unlike many fashion brands’ using old technology. Typically, a Seiko diamond ladies watch shall feature small melee diamonds (several facets for a sparklier appearance) and a nice bit of weight; perhaps face accents but without creating any distraction.  This makes Seiko diamond watches for women combine strength and beauty, in proportions that create something as unique as the Premier, Lord/Lady and SZZ series on one hand, to the Coutura, the Sportura, the Velatura and the Excelsior women’s diamond watches on the other. These ladies diamond watches weave perfect time syncs with aesthetic pleasures. Behind the delicate demeanors hide high precision and high performance; strength and endurance. One of the rising celebrities preferring Seiko diamond watches are Darya Klishina and it’s the Seiko Sportura that joined her efforts from 2013. Classicism and modernity met in a creative harmony, bringing the essence of the Ladies’ Seiko diamond watches. You’ll find here not only fine dress watches with feminine architectural designs but also bold, on-your-face designs for highly fashionable blowouts. Even stuff that you can take to the Olympics! The Velatura Seiko diamond ladies, for example; Seiko extended partnership with the 49er FX, a prominent name in top level sailing (skiff; Olympic class, for women) in the most-unforgiving environments.