A walk in the rainforest at McRitchie

Singapore has the impression of being a modern metropolis with tall buildings, roads and apartments everywhere. But honestly that is so not true. In fact, Singapore is a very green city (perhaps one of greenest you will see) with hundrerds of gardens (hence known as the garden city) and many national parks with rainforests in all their green glory. We went to perhaps the largest in Singapore – the McRitchie reserviour park last weekend. As the name suggests it is a reserviour in the center of Singapore surrounded by dense rainforests. There are many trails you can take for hiking. We felt a bit adventerous and took the 14 km long trail around the reservoir with a detour to the hanging bridge in the middle. The bridge is really high up, but some of the trees go even beyond the bridge – they are really tall and must be really old. Its a very nice feeling to walk in the forest with the sound of crickets and birds all around you. Its just pure nature and the feeling of being cut off from everything is really great. Well, it wasn’t was any substantial amount of time that we were cut-off (the whole trail took about 4 hours to complete), but whatever time we did spend there in nature was really peaceful. Plus the exercise was really good. They say you need to mix fun with exercise to keep going, I would say just mix some nature with our exercise and you will be all set on the path to fitness!

Some pics from the walk:

And a video:

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