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Fashion watches that are worth a second look

The inside matter: Fast and brief Let us not get into the formal definition for a fashion watch. We shall only be talking about watches by brands that do not make watches as their primary product. Most of their profits come from the respective industries (automobiles, liquors etc.) they operate in; watches are either their

Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?” Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their

Armani Meccanico: Increased efficiency, enhanced precision – over the years.

Asked quite a while back if quartz-powered watches are my cuppa – today I like to answer that. If there’s one reason I’d like to make it my cuppa, that’s because they don’t need any care or adjustment within a given span. I can go without wearing one for many months and still not worry